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  1. Hi everyone, after years of self diagnosis I finally got results to show that I am positive for hsv2 Just to quickly explain the self diagnosis part, when I had my first outbreak I was Living in a country that sexual health wasn’t as easily accessible, or at least I thought, I was young and stupid. That being said, that said country allowed me to buy the anti viral medication over the counter so I was able to self treat and the treatments worked. Any breakout I had I was fine with treating on my own. Psychologically this hasn’t been good for me but let’s leave that for another time. When I moved home and realised I couldn’t buy the drugs over the counter anymore I asked my new gyno to prescribe me and he did, without testing. Again I realise this wasn’t that smart in hindsight. Last week, I had to register with a new gyno and asked her to prescribe me. She said she would but wanted me to do a blood test. By now my outbreaks are really just a day of slight pain, no lesions or visible sores and only when I am sick so not very often , maybe 2/3 times per year. whereas initially they did used to be 2/3 lesions for 3-4 days and it was often. The results came back quite high, at least I think they are high. She told me she’d prescribe me with what I’ve always been taking but to only take the drug when an outbreak occurs (which is what I currently do) and when that outbreak happens she wants me back in to look at other treatment options. I tried to push for more understanding on my results but I got nowhere and she sent me on my way. Can you all please have a look at let me know what you think? HSV 2 Type Spec Ab, IgG, value, 14.30 H Thank you! ps I can take a pic of the test result sheet if needed
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