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  1. I had my first cold sore ever in August, inside my nose. It was painful and I felt sick for several days with a fever, swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches, etc. I thought, “great I got the first one over with, now when the next one comes it’ll be less severe”. I even posted on this forum to ask if cold sores inside the nose were common, and another user informed me that I most likely would not get cold sores in my nose again. Guess what y’all? As of December I have had 3 cold sores. All in my nose. And ALL of them were just as severe as the first, including the fever and swolle
  2. Thanks! It seems like the main cold sore is actually inside my nose, and the stuff outside is just from me blowing my nose (after thinking something was irritating the inside). It’s quite large and painful. I’m terrified of transferring it to other parts of my body and “self inoculating”, anything I can do besides washing hands/hand sanitizing to prevent this?
  3. I’m married and my s/o has had oral herpes for years, caught it when they were a kid. I knew this going in, figured I’ll be careful and hey, worst case scenario I get a sore on my lip every once in awhile. So a few days ago I wake up to a twinge of pain...in my nose. Figured maybe my nose ring got twisted or something. Go to check and I have what’s clearly a sore in my freaking nose. Like, how?? Is that possible?? I have a couple little blisters on the outside in between my two nostrils but the big sucker is inside. Nothing on my lips, but what the heck. I’m looking for info on this but it
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