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  1. I received my HSV2 diagnosis about a month ago. I’ve noticed my orgasms are kind of weaker as I can’t really feel the sensation of my walls contracting. Anyone else having this issue?? Did the feeling come back? This is really adding to my anger.
  2. @lildevy For me, the back pain only lasted about a week or so. I was put on a week of antivirals, but I initially messed up the dosage. Idk if it did anything and around that time is when I had the mouth infection show up. So idk if it's because it's not HSV or if the dosage wasn't strong enough. I will! I have a urologist appt later this week.
  3. I have been back and forth to my primary doctor, my gynecologist, urologist and now I have a referral for a dermatologist. Help. On or around 1 September, I had severe back pain and lost the ability to tell when i needed to urinate. This is about 2 weeks after my suspected exposure. I've been dealing with some occasional vaginal irritation and itching, urinary retention, blood and protein in urine, had a positive test for BV, a viral infection in my eye, some kind of infection in my gums, I was having a rash around my mouth but that cleared up with antibiotics. I have a couple of follow ups with my urologist. Can anyone weigh in? I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. My last 3 igg and 1 igm have come back negative. I just had another igm drawn today. I understand it can take up to months for a positive blood test. No sores or lesions present.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new here. I have been struggling to get a diagnosis but I'm 98% sure I've contracted it. I am also struggling with it emotionally and mentally. I've lost about 20 pounds over the last month and not having a diagnosis is making it worse. I plan on getting tested via blood again soon. I've seen 3 doctors and they all said I don't have it. It started off with back pain, loss of sensation of when I need to urinate, my mouth hurts, I get irritation/rash around my mouth, watery discharge, among other things... I'm just looking for support at this moment.
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