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  1. Hi everyone I had a question for the H experts. I was diagnosed with Genital HSV1 in October and was getting monthly outbreaks usually on my period. Lately they seem to be spread to every 2 months and have been getting less (go away in one day). I take 1000mg Valtrex daily for suppression (1 tab in morning 1 tab in evening) as well as supplementing with 500mg lysine. however, Ive been get really bad sickly flu symptoms (sore muscles, loss of appetite, sore joints and back) at least once a month for like 3-4 days but Without an outbreak. Before I was diagnosed that happened
  2. Thank you so much your reply means the world. It is nice to have someone to empathize with. I’m sorry you also had a horrible initial outbreak! I will try adding the Lysine and hopefully with that and Valtrex I will see some improvement. Thanks! :)
  3. I’m just looking for some wise words/help/encouragement from some people who can relate or have had herpes for a while... I’ve had HSV-1 (genitally) now for 6 months and have had an outbreak every single month, sometimes twice a month while taking upwards of 1500mg Valtrex a day and nothing has changed. I’m feeling so disheartened as the outbreaks are not only painful and annoying but also resurface hard emotions of when I was first diagnosed....I am only 23, single, and never had a long-term serious relationship. I feel very sad and alone dealing with this new disease sometimes and d
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