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  1. Having vaginal itching symptoms for 6+ months. No lesions to date / anything that looks like google image search. 2 months ago (last sexual encounter was 18 months prior) had intense itching small paper cut down there. What was troubling for me was the swollen lymph / achey muscle flu feeling. Did a blood test - negative. My WBC count and neutrophils doubled in the past month. vaginal itch hits every 4 days like clockwork. Past few weeks horrible symptoms of swollen lymph (groin and armpit) muscle weakness , muscle twitching, —- Red inflammation in my nose that initially itche
  2. Hey everyone forgive me here - first time posting, and really unsure what’s going on with my body. I’ve read some of your stories and appears we may be going through something similar. Was in a monogamous relationship that ended 1.5 years ago. No sex (his religious beliefs) Lots of oral and skin to skin contact. Shortly after it ended had vaginal itching and UTI symptoms (burning urethra and frequency - no pain when urinating). Did STD testing (did not include HSV) / urine test — everything negative. 6 months ago in the summer — (no sexual contact in that entire year) itching
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