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  1. I’m thrilled at the results — but I want some relief... and now I’m terrified to be intimate with my boyfriend cause I don’t want to go through that again thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Cheers!
  2. 10 months after last sexual contact I started getting extreme vagina itching. I chalked it up to a yeast infection; however OTC products didn’t help. I took up running and my vulva started stinging, shooting sensation and just red all over —- again thought yeast or a dermatitis. Prescribed meds (over the phone due to covid) for BV and Yeast (took them at the same time which I have read may affect their ability to work) with no change. Went in and did full swabs - negative for everything, and reassured I was fine. Had protected sex with my new boyfriend who is also squeaky clean. Two weeks later came down with flu like symptoms, intense itch, lots of clear discharge, paper cuts on vulva and loss of sensation in my legs. I freak out and go back to the doctor. Cuts have now healed. Another vaginal swab and bloodwork for HSV and all STDs. Once again I’m negative BUT my white blood cell count and neutrophil count had doubled in the last month. I’m reassured I’m fine and sent on my way. I was so stressed and convinced I had HSV (blood test IGG at 4 weeks since new partner) Month later have sex again and this time my body freaks out even worse —- cuts on my lips, lymph node throbbing, muscle pain, full body muscle twitching, the itch lands in my nose and feels like a cold sore. I try going back to my doctor who dismissed me entirely. She wouldn’t examine me or even hear me out and told me I had lupus ??? i still have FULL body muscle twitching and muscle pain down the back of my legs / hamstrings and glutes that feels deep to the bone. started getting UTI symptoms - urgency and urethral burning that wakes me in the night but no pain when I urinate. Does this sound at all like HSV?!? I’m hoping a bad yeast/ fungal infection that has somehow hit me systemically and didn’t show up on internal swab (my symptoms are external??) Should I do another HSV test??? Any thoughts or similar experiences would be much appreciated—I’m beyond stressed and worried
  3. Having vaginal itching symptoms for 6+ months. No lesions to date / anything that looks like google image search. 2 months ago (last sexual encounter was 18 months prior) had intense itching small paper cut down there. What was troubling for me was the swollen lymph / achey muscle flu feeling. Did a blood test - negative. My WBC count and neutrophils doubled in the past month. vaginal itch hits every 4 days like clockwork. Past few weeks horrible symptoms of swollen lymph (groin and armpit) muscle weakness , muscle twitching, —- Red inflammation in my nose that initially itched. Still hasn’t scabbed over. It’s red and tonight for the first time i was able to see my left nostril issue (only been able to see right) and it kinda looks like dark red that fades into a thin line / cut shape but not an actual cut Tonight I now have a red blotch in my eye. i can’t find any posts on here about HSV in the eye?!? Is that possible ?! Anybody experience that or is this something else entirely?!? (Which I’m praying is the case - no offence) after my nose issue I’m demanding a new HSV test next week. What else could this be ?!?!
  4. Hey everyone forgive me here - first time posting, and really unsure what’s going on with my body. I’ve read some of your stories and appears we may be going through something similar. Was in a monogamous relationship that ended 1.5 years ago. No sex (his religious beliefs) Lots of oral and skin to skin contact. Shortly after it ended had vaginal itching and UTI symptoms (burning urethra and frequency - no pain when urinating). Did STD testing (did not include HSV) / urine test — everything negative. 6 months ago in the summer — (no sexual contact in that entire year) itching intensified and rash / irritation to vulvar area. My skin started burning and stinging. I noticed it peaked during exercise and became worse wearing a feminine pad. Assumed a heat rash - went to my doctor (video due to covid) Prescribed flagyl for BV, and fluconazole for yeast. No change. She recommended doing a canestan yeast tab — tried that and IT HIT HARD. Cramps and bleeding — most intense pressure in my rectum. I was in agony. Two days after that I got up from my desk and went on my walk around the neighbourhood. 5 minutes in the strongest itching sensation in both my vagina and rectum that nearly dropped me to the ground. The more I walked the more it itched — not exaggerating i could literally feel what I can only assume was a hemmorhoid flare up. Went back to the doctor — she examined me. Did swabs and assures me I’m totally fine. We started discussing other symptoms — me being itchy all over, constipation, gas, bloating, itchy bumps on my elbow back and buttocks and knees. She then thinks it’s an allergy. Tells me to switch to hypoallergenic laundry detergent, take probiotics and go gluten / dairy free. I’m in a brand new relationship —- most wonderful man - he’s totally the one. We have done long distance due to Covid. Had a romantic weekend planned. My doctor assures me after my second pelvic exam I’m totally fine and to have sex (protected) . We aren’t in the same city and due to travel restrictions I won’t see him for a couple of months (a relief in a sense while I figure out what’s going on with my body) 2 weeks later I’m mid cycle again I had another one of my “itch attacks” that nearly dropped me — this time it was different. Flu like symptoms .... I felt “punky all day”, swollen armpit lymph nodes, muscle weakness/numbness in feet and excessive watery bubbly foamy discharge that poured out of both my vagina and rectum (which magically cured my haemorrhoid). Next day in the middle of excessive discharge / itching I went to wipe and saw blood on the Kleenex. Wasn’t sure if I scratched myself or if it was a paper cut lesion below my clitoris. Again an intensified version of what I already had — so clearly not from my new boyfriend. Told my understanding super awesome boyfriend who was freaked out but supportive. This time I’m positive I have HSV — what else could it be?!?!? Had to have the super awkward talk and talk about my past relationships. Went back to the doctor - this time it was mainly healed. I was told I have lichen sclerosis and dismissed. I pushed hard for HSV blood work — which came back NEGATIVE both HSV1/HSV2. This is 1.5 years since initial vaginal itching and issues started / prior to my new relationship. My symptoms have not resolved for a single day. Swollen lymph in armpit and groin. One of my itch attacks ended up in my nose. I can’t see a cold sore or anything wrong with my left nostril — but it feels like it’s there. My right nostril is completely inflamed and has been for 2 weeks. Fire engine red and taking up my entire nasal cavity — looks like a septal heamatoma / pressure in the face like someone punched me - but no trauma. I’ve had crippling back pain, glute weakness, and muscle cramps / shooting spasms in my muscles (mainly lower extremities but once in my arms and flank). I’m trying to go back to my doctor for answers who quite frankly doesn’t believe me or want to see me. She insists I’m fine — but I’m not. I literally had to fight the receptionist for an apt. i also can’t really talk to my boyfriend cause well I freaked him out once only to be negative for everything. He knows I’m feeling sick but I don’t mention the HSV thing. does this sound like HSV ?!? How accurate are these blood tests 1 year after exposure. I don’t believe my new boyfriend gave it to me at all as I was having issues prior. I can’t get swabs of sores done because there isn’t anything to swab ?!? other than the one paper cut I don’t see ANY lesions or bumps— just a rash that doesn’t look like herpes at all (hence why doctor doesn’t believe me). I’m worried my haemorrhoid and possible fissures could be HSV related ? I did have an anal fissure that again occurred during wiping. Could toilet paper be tearing me / aggravating my issues?!? The area is really dry and I keep stretching to examine myself ?!? Looking in terror to try and find a bump or anything to account for my symptoms. I really think it is HSV based on what I’ve read online and I’m beyond stressed but With lack of test results I’m desperately looking for an alternative solution. Maybe the nerve / muscle twitches is a dietary deficiency, and I do have a rash / other infection ? —- just seems like a lot to all be going on at once Thanks everyone!!!!! Sorry for the rant!
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