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  1. I'd like to add that I have had itching to my lower back though, which I do get from time to time
  2. The tingling does not come from the spine, or spread to the buttocks/thighs. I had one episode where I had a little burning while urinating. However, I am thinking some of this could be because I am so nervous and paying so much attention. I haven't had a fever or flu like symptoms, however this has only been going on a few days.
  3. Hi Grace, thank you for your kind reply. 1. All I know is genital herpes 😕 2. They did tell me, but said they did not have an outbreak so that it would pretty much be ok. I have since found out this is not the case. 3. I am having tickling to all different parts of my genitalia. Intermittent burning. I have had a yeast infection before, and it does not feel like that. I also have no discharge. 4. I am a female
  4. I was exposed to Herpes, we did use a condom.. and I am having "prodromal" symptoms. I am extremely anxious and can't seem to find out what I should do next? As in when should I seek medical attention? Should I take vitamins? Anything special I should do in regards to hygiene for prevention of blisters? Also, I really do not want to take anti-viral medication, but I'd like to have it on hand if I have pain. If I go to an Urgent care will they be able to prescribe me this? How long should I wait to get the blood test?
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