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  1. This is only my second outbreak in 9 years and I noticed I am dry down there .. inner thigh, groin area .. all of it is dry.. does anyone deal with this and what do you do?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.. that's what I've been doing .. the Ibuprofen .. just crazy how long this is lasting.. this is only my 2nd time noticing an outbreak.. the only silver lining in this is its my 2nd .... the first was more noticeable.. but this once i barely can see anything.. just 1 tiny sore that could easily be missed .. its so sneak that it pisses me off... I have antivirals from my doc now , so I'm praying that it goes into its hole again .. the first time 9 years .. praying for the minimum of 18 years this time 🙂 ... I just pray that my partner doesn't have anything.. its killing me because I didn't tie the prodrome together until after we engaged in sex. SMH....
  3. Does anyone know how to stop the burning in your genitals? This is the worse part for me.. It burns before and after an outbreak.. Im fortunate my outbreaks aren't bad but the prodrome is killing me! I am not on meds.. too afraid of messing up my kidneys
  4. I had what I think is prodrome 15 days ago then all of a sudden a sore appeared.. This is so against what Ive read its crazy. It was so mild that I wasnt sure.. Now Im praying I didnt pass it to my girlfriend. This is my first recurrence in 9 years.. Man I hate this virus with everything in me.. incredibly unfair
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