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  1. Thanks everyone! And *hugs* to QueenBee, the anxiety is the worst part! So I haven't had any more genital outbreaks, but I got my first oral outbreak last week... thought I dodged that particular bullet, but apparently not. And ONCE AGAIN I managed to expose my partner to an outbreak (I gave him oral sex) before I realized what was going on. :( Are there any studies that suggest suppressive therapy helps reduce oral transmission as well? I'm not on anything currently, but I'm going to the doctor in a few days and strongly considering it.
  2. Hi there! I'm a woman in her twenties who just contracted genital HSV-1, most likely from oral sex with my current partner (who tested positive after I told him, turns out he had cold sores as a child but none since). First outbreak was no picnic, and REALLY poorly timed... as I had to get through an important presentation for work and an interview for a new job in another state, all while waiting for test results, peeing pure fire (apparently) and feeling terrified that I might have passed it back to my partner (we had sex at the beginning of my first outbreak three weeks ago, before my
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