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  1. Thanks everyone! And *hugs* to QueenBee, the anxiety is the worst part! So I haven't had any more genital outbreaks, but I got my first oral outbreak last week... thought I dodged that particular bullet, but apparently not. And ONCE AGAIN I managed to expose my partner to an outbreak (I gave him oral sex) before I realized what was going on. :( Are there any studies that suggest suppressive therapy helps reduce oral transmission as well? I'm not on anything currently, but I'm going to the doctor in a few days and strongly considering it.
  2. Hi there! I'm a woman in her twenties who just contracted genital HSV-1, most likely from oral sex with my current partner (who tested positive after I told him, turns out he had cold sores as a child but none since). First outbreak was no picnic, and REALLY poorly timed... as I had to get through an important presentation for work and an interview for a new job in another state, all while waiting for test results, peeing pure fire (apparently) and feeling terrified that I might have passed it back to my partner (we had sex at the beginning of my first outbreak three weeks ago, before my "ingrown hairs" became painful and I realized I needed to get checked out). I feel okay about having it myself, honestly... I dealt with painful vaginismus when I was younger, so I'm used to my downstairs region being a fortress of complications, haha. I've been talking to my therapist and my partner's been amazingly calm and supportive, but I'm still scared of transmission. I know that since he has type 1 orally, he's a lot less likely to catch it genitally, but it's not impossible (naturally I've fixated on the "not impossible" bit...) and he hasn't shown any symptoms yet. We ended up having sex again two days ago, about a week after all my sores healed up and I was feeling a lot better about the whole thing. However, I woke up the next morning (yesterday) with a swollen lymph node and some leg pain on one side (both still going on today), and now I'm freaking out all over again, frantically checking for bumps and agonizing over every possible itch. I don't know if it's "left over" from the first outbreak or the start of a new one, but I'm not sure I can handle a second possibly painful outbreak and more transmission anxiety after finally feeling back to normal... :/ Any advice or sharing of similar experiences would be greatly appreciated! Also just looking for some people to chat with :)
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