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  1. Truth be told, not aiming to be inconsiderate, but I have had my fill of men who were negative thru work. When it comes to anything now, work, dating, whatever, even friends, I refuse to go there. So basically right now I am only open to people who remain positive and situations where people lift each other up. I am sorry that you are feeling down in the dumps, but life experience has taught me that those who feel down can only bring you down. Attitude matters more than anything else and down and out outlooks are just too draining for me to deal with at all. Best of luck to you.
  2. Seeker you have to do what feels right for you but I agreethat shutting down is not a solution; been there, done that.... waste of many years in al honesty.
  3. One day at a time seeker, and thank you for sharing with us. We all have our ups and downs.
  4. There was no reason to apologize at all seeker, I was having fun with all this.
  5. Dancer, the room comment was hilarious!! But thank you for the lovely and insigthtful comments about getting my wings, sounds about right :)
  6. seeker, I am also not into rap and hip hop mostly but in general I love every kind of music, it always puts a smile on my face, like candy & flowers (hint, hint) LOL!!
  7. Hi everyone, so nice to read these fun responses after such a stressfu day. It all stems from work with 2 people I got into projects with -both being lazy, clueless AND unreliable. To avoid failing, I had to take on loads of unpaid work. Being in the arts, my balancing act between freelancing and managing these projects worked well for a long time, but this BS has dealt me a serious blow. Because on top of time spent on unpaid work, combined with a steady freelance client who has delayed on his payment, everything is upside down!! This month has been nothing short of hell. Really. Things are okay otherwise, just trying to find my balance yet I know me cutting off those idiots for good is for the best, so this is a transitional period - no doubt I will land on my feet, but I can't lie, all of this has been so hard :( Funny though, you sure learn who your real friends are at times like this. Oh well, now u guys know why the delayed responses here. Man do I need a vacation.
  8. Seeker, Oh and I also like that kind of dancing... tell me more please, I'm enjoying this :) Any hobbies, favorite movies? lol
  9. Seeker, actually that all sounds lovely! NY people these days are so busy keeping up in this insane economy don't even have the time to open doors, say hello or date lmaooo!!! But I'm afraid you'd have to drive too, not just pump gas - I don't drive. I tried but I was too scared lol!! Willow, Dancer, you guys are too cute :)
  10. seeker it is kinda normal to think these things, silly as they are, but you cannot pass it like that to your son. By the way, how old is your son?
  11. Thank you Dancer that is GREAT advice. I will consider that because of course the more guys I date, the odds are better - thank u so much xoxoxo.
  12. Hi, well I am finally ready to get back to dating!! I'm a petite, attractive woman (early 40's) dark hair, divorced a long time... I caught Herpes from a cheating spouse and then threw myself into my work all the way. I am in NY but wanted to see if there were any good worthwhile sites I might sign up for... I know I can date non-H guys but just would rather date a man where I wouldnt worry that I might infect him. So please help me out here people, I,m finally sick of being alone and need your help :)
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