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  1. Thank You everyone for the confididence to tell him. I finally did last night and he didnt freak out at all he was actually ok with it. Needless to say i am releived and a lot more confident about disclosing now that I know its not such a big deal. Thanks to all of you!
  2. I tried to get the disclosure book but for some reason its not working. I know I need to tell him soon its just a matter of when to bring it up. I suppose the sooner the better right?
  3. I suppose your right I just wish that I wasnt so scared I have never disclosed to a person I liked before. Im not even sure how to say it without sounding like Im damaged. I know that Im not but I feel like thats what it sounds like. How should I bring it up?
  4. I found out I had herpes last May right before I deployed. I told my then boyfriend and he totally freaked out and ended up breaking up with me. I pretty much gave up on sex and dating after that I knew I didnt want to have to tell anyone again. Well when I got overseas I started going to college you know focus on me and my future. Well I met a really hot guy and we have gotten really close and things have been getting steamier lately but I am really scared to disclose that I have herpes. We are both deployed and when we go back to the states in a few months we are not stationed together so I dont know if its going anywhere and I wonder if its even worth it at this point to risk another possible freak out.
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