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  1. Absolutely, @AnonJack. I have always disclosed. Just wasn’t sure of timing on this one. Had me perplexed. I like your answer. Makes sense. I may not like him when I meet him so for now it’s not his business. Thanks!!
  2. i recently started talking to a man online from a general dating site. We took it offline and text every day. I’ve been talking to him for a couple of weeks and today we were discussing things we do and don’t do and he said he doesn’t do STDs. I didn’t know how to respond to that, but I did not disclose. He lives in a different city than me and will travel a decent distance to meet me and has plans to this week. I don’t want to waste his time or mine by not telling him beforehand, but typically I disclose in person. How would you all handle this? TIA! 💜 Rachael
  3. Thanks....I'm not quite sure how it's going. Trying to be patient but keeping the door open for someone new too The distance has grown greater. Oh well. More fish in the sea!
  4. I didn't end up giving him any....he hasn't talked to me without me talking first and I don't want to blow him up so I'm just letting him do his thing and maybe he will come around. I can find some links for you, though. Someone gave me some several years ago. I'll have to find them.
  5. Very helpful and sound advice. Thank you. Much appreciated!
  6. I recently disclosed to a man I really like. I feel like I told him with confidence and let him know that it wasn't a major deal and didn't affect my life. He told me he likes me a lot but that he didn't know much about it. I tried explaining to him what I know about it. He has been distant most of this week and I asked him about it and he said he was still processing the information but that he does really like me. I told him I wasn't sure what to tell him other than giving him some links to some websites to help give him a better understanding of it all. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what more I can say or do? He has no idea about it other than its an std that causes sores. And he said he didn't want it. If nothing more just to educate him....and possibly get a marriage proposal from him one day! Ha! Thanks for any replies!
  7. I knew that would be a response. I questioned her about the same thing, but I dont believe she understands. I'm aware of the differences. She is suggesting ingestion of the oils or absorption going into the blood stream. It is challenging for me to explain herpes to people when it gets into the deeper explanation, such as it being viral. I'll have to forward your response. And possibly be her guinea pig, ha.
  8. I have a friend who is selling oils, the new "IN" thing. She has been doing a bit of research and is convinced certain oils "cure" hsv. Had anyone heard of thus or experienced it? I'm not a huge fan of taking meds in general and typically when I have an outbreak I just wait it out in pain. But who wouldn't do this if it were true?!
  9. I was diagnosed with hsv 2 about 9 months ago and have had several outbreaks, none too terrible. Twice now I have had vulva and clitoral pain with no outbreaks. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it related to the virus?
  10. Hahaha. Not grossed out at all! I never mind tmi. I don't think I'm having an issue with hygiene and I'm not sure how to describe the odor other than its off. Just seems like the past couple of outbreaks I've had an odor. Always makes me think I am having a yeast or bacterial infx. I've had some minor swelling as well. Guess I'll go see my doc soon. Thanks!
  11. Have odors associated with a herpes outbreak or an outbreak with no lesions, but pain? Can't figure out if I'm having an outbreak or prodrome or something entirely different. Thanks!
  12. Little late to the convo, but the "playing with myself and rubbing my kids face" cracked me up! I mean, really...anyway, a helpful book I bought is called "The Good News About the Bad News...Herpes: Everything You Need to Know" written by Terri Warren. Has lots of information about the virus. Hope things are going better for you!
  13. I've never created an app before, but will see what I can come up with!
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