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  1. I've recently begun to date a guy that I REALLY REALLY like [I usually keep them at arm's length]. We have not been intimate [we've fooled around though] yet but I know I need to tell him soon. The thing is, he has told me repeatedly how squeamish he is about all things medical and has been proactive in his life to keep STDs away [yeah right - not so sure about that since he hasn't even asked if I've been tested]. I've been positive for over 25 years and have told MANY people about my condition with very mixed response [although more leaning towards the negative side]. I'm literally losing sleep over how to tell this guy. Once the "cat is out of the bag" so to speak, I can't take it back and I'm not ready for that "look" from him. I'm thinking of having a conversation that circles around his thoughts and if he's had any experience in knowing anyone with H. I've printed all the fact sheets but I'm truly afraid that once he hears the word Herpes, he will become mind numb and run! Help?
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