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  1. We went to all the same schools, he's friends with my brother's friends, have the same interests, lots of laughing and joking around, we both are looking for someone long term, and clicked very well on our first date. He was texting me nonstop and things got physical very quickly. I held off from sex because I knew if I didn't tell him my hsv-2 status it would come back to haunt me. Especially since he's a police officer. The next day we hung out again and I finally told him my status after an hour of being there and the mood really changed. He said "well thank you for being honest with me" multiple times and I told him all the facts and he asked some questions as well. I asked if this is something that bothered him and he said he doesn't know anything about it and haven't deal with this type of situation before but he will research. He later went upstairs for a long period of time and I took that as my queue to leave his place. No more kissing just a hug goodbye and I told him I wanted to give him time to think about if this is something he would be comfortable with. He was trying to be polite about this and agreed. I pretty much cried nonstop the drive home and for the past 2 days and had to leave work early and haven't eaten much but an egg a day because I feel so sad. It was a very difficult 1st disclosure for me. I sent him a text apologizing for leaving early but I wanted to give him space to think things through. I never heard back and it's the 2nd day. I was thinking of waiting until Monday to ask him what his thoughts were but I don't want to come across needy. I even saw he logged into his dating profile today even though he told me he stopped going on there. I'm just SOOO HURT. I really liked him. I'm not sure if he is still interested, thinking things through, or ghosting me?
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