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  1. Hello everyone, So I have had cold sores since I was a child (younger then I can remember) never really thought anything of it... So we all know I have oral HSV-1. I have been married for about 1.5 years and it has never been an issue when I do have flares we simply didn't do certain things. So yesterday while bathing my wife noticed she had bumps near her vagina area. After reading I realized it could be spread to the genitals even if no flare-up is occurring. My wife proceeded for the rest of the night to tell me how much she hates and how I had ruined her life and she didn't deserve this. She spoke as if I had cheated on her or something... Mind you I did not hide having cold sores from her. She kept saying she didn't everything right she didn't sleep around or anything and then gets an STD from her husband... I told her it was possible that it could be something else and she should go to the doctor but she said no she wouldn't go to the doctor. She continued to tell me just how much she hated me and that "if I wanted to destroy her good job because I finally did it". I tried talking to her but she didn't want to hear anything. After she finished she retreated to not talk to me anymore. I feel horrible because it is not like I was trying to give her anything but she has come down really hard on me (I guess I deserve it). I didn't do anything to hurt her like I said I have had this condition since being a small kid. Maybe I am wrong but I just feel it would be different if I went out and cheated and came back with something that I gave her. I think she will only stay married to me because she thinks she worthless now and with herpes no one will want to be with her. I am trying to get her to still go to the doctor because I feel if they say she doesn't have that then maybe I can just give her a divorce so she doesn't have to worry about me anymore. We also have a 3 month old which she told me is the only thing good that came out of her entire time being with me... I just don't know what to do or what I am supposed to say... Any help is appreciated.
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