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Vertigo 5 months after herpes diagnosis , and for two weeks debilitating stabbing headache

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Hi All, Did anyone experience vertigo (very severe vertigo 24 hours in bed) after contracting the virus? Also, did anyone start feeling very strong headache after carrying the virus for years? I carry it for 10 years and until today i only had 5 very serious vertigo attacks but now i have debilitating headache and my neurologist does not see the link between herpes virus and headaches ( I do not have any other health issues). I connected the dots, 5 months after contracting the virus I already had very bad vertigo episode and now 10 years later i have debilitating stabbing pain in the left side of my head.

If anyone experienced debilitating headache please let me know as what do you use for it. Neurologist prescribed Imitrex to me but it is almost doing nothing after taking it for three days and also prescribed Cambia i will try it next week. Ibuprofen does not help, i ended up at ER on April 9th Friday because of debilitating headache at midnight with ibuprofen.

Thank you very much for your kind answers ( I am not native English, sorry for my mistakes in English)

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I’m so sorry to hear you are suffering. I have not been officially diagnosed yet, as I am still going through all the necessary testing, but have you read up on Mollaret Meningitis? I have been working with a neurologist as well, hoping to find some answers as to why I am suffering from random fevers, horrible headaches, bouts of vertigo, etc. since being diagnosed with HSV-2 last year. 
From what I’ve read, and what my neurology team has said, IV anti-vitals are the way to “cure” this. Treating just the headaches and/or vertigo will not help, as the virus is responsible. 
I hope you’re able to get some answers and some relief. All the best!

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