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Genital HSV 1&2 with mouth tingling, disclosure help

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I tested positive for genital Hsv 1&2 via swab about 4 years ago. I’m on Valtrex 1000mg daily. My primary outbreak was very intense. I was confined to my bed for almost a week with severe fatigue, nonstop headaches, nausea  & vomiting, stiff neck and nerve pain. Since then I’ve developed tingling sensation in my lips even though I never got an outbreak in the oral area. I asked the nurse at my dr office if this means I also have hsv in the oral area -even if I didn’t have an outbreak there. She said yes since I tested positive for HSV 1. I reminded her that it was a genital swab and she said to assume I did since there’s no way to tell unless I get an outbreak there. Well I’m on Valtrex so I don’t get actual outbreaks just symptoms. So I’m still as confused as the day I got diagnosed. 

I am barely now coming to terms with my diagnosis and feel like I can start to date again. I’m just confused on what I should say. That I have it only in the genital area but could have it orally too? Has anyone else experienced this? I’m terrified of passing this on to someone and just want to make sure I’m disclosing the right info and taking the proper precautions. Please help. 

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Im sorry you're having such a difficult time with this.  The nurse is right, since there are no outbreaks on your mouth, they cant test to see if its actually HSV1.   I think just being honest with potential partners would be best. I know it can be hard since you aren't quite sure if you have the HSV1 orally.  The tingling sensation could be HSV1 or it could be something else.   Maybe try seeing a different doctor or a dermatologist for the tingling just to get a different opinion. 

Sorry I couldn't be more help, I just want you to know you are not alone. 

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