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New struggles & anxiety

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I’ve had GHSV for over 20 years and it’s never been too much of an issue until recently.  I don’t know how I got it, SO has had OHSV since childhood and hasn’t experienced any outbreaks other than on the lip which is controlled with just Carmex.  We don’t know if it’s HSV1 or 2 and never really felt the need to find out.  I have used valcyclovir for outbreaks.  The outbreaks were never more than one sore and just a few a year.  But, recently the outbreaks have been worse and moving around.  Last month, I woke up to three spots of outbreak on my lower abdomen, so I started on the antiviral.  Later that same day I started getting a pain (like burning) on my finger.  By the end of the day it was red, swollen and very sore.  It was sore for several weeks, but never blistered.  It is still a little red and I experience some tingling sensation occasionally.  I had a couple other spots or bumps on other fingers that I went into Urgent Care for - Dr. said definitely not whitlow.  But, if I’m concerned to start antivirals 500 mg twice a day.  So I have been on 1000 mg for a few weeks.  This weekend I noticed small clear bumps inside my nostrils.  Waiting on GYN to respond to my request for a referral to see an infectious disease doctor.  I feel like the only way to know for sure is to go off the antiviral and see what happens.  The stress is off the charts, thinking some very dark thoughts and so worried about spreading this to family especially the littles.  Any thoughts?

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I’ve been also thinking about seeing an infectious disease doctor. I’ve had genital hsv for 13 years now I’ve never had regular outbreaks until July of this year. I’ve been on acyclovir and valacyclovir and neither are working to stop the outbreaks. I’m so overwhelmed and I’m sure me stressing about it is not helping the situation. I’ve also tried lysine nothing is helping. I started thinking that maybe I contracted something else worse like HIV and that’s why the antivirals aren’t working. Never go online looking for information you will always scare yourself and go down a dark rabbit hole. Before one blister can heal another one pops up. I hope you find some relief and if so please come back and share and I will do the same. The best of luck to you and fast healing.

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Thank you @LovelyB91 for your reply!  I’ve been down the rabbit hole, and that’s a scary place to go!  The urgent care doc said “with 100% certainty, it’s not whitlow.  But, I guess one question I have for an infectious disease doctor is while on valcyclovir can the symptoms be suppressed to look nothing like H.  I don’t discuss this with anyone other than hubby and while he’s been very patient he has to be getting tired of it.  I’m more aware of my hands - it’s exhausting!  I’m trying lysine too, not sure it makes much difference though.  Sending good thoughts to you!

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Did they tell you why it's "100% not whitlow" ? 

Sometimes if I get the doc to walk me through their reasoning it's more easy to digest than just taking it on faith because some person with a stethoscope said so. 

Chances are it is actually not whitlow. From my understanding it is exceedingly rare and if you had HSV for 20 years you would likely have strong natural immunities to auto-inoculation. being sore for multiple weeks also doesn't really seem to match a herpes outbreak either. What has your doctor said else it could be other than whitlow? A doctor at Urgent Care may not be the best for this, whitlow isn't exactly "urgent" and those doctors kind of dismiss anything that isn't life threatening. 


Good luck! 

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