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It may take awhile, but it gets better. (My success story)

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Hi all,


Ive never posted on here before. I use to just peek in here and there as a phantom member when I was first diagnosed. I found out I had type 2 HSV two years ago when I was 22 years old. I took it very hard because at the time I felt like my life was just beginning. I had a great job in the industry I wanted to work in, I finally felt like I had grown into my looks and felt pretty, and I had a great boyfriend who was very handsome and educated. Little did I know he had HSV. A little bit after the first time we had sex I started feeling strange. I didn't feel like myself I came down with a cold -and it felt painful "down there." I immediately felt like he had given me something. I went to the doctor and low and behold he had. My doctor said my giver had to be a new partner since the virus was not in my blood- which meant it was him. When I presented him with this information he was totally calm like I wasn't telling him life changing news! He went to get tested and stated he was negative which I knew was a lie. I told him "thank you so much for being honest with me." 2 months after that I was extremely vulnerable, and depressed. My ex came back into my life and we started dating again. I felt like I had to be with him because who the hell else would want me? I'm a cute girl but once they find out about this everyone will run for the hills. Our relationship became toxic because I couldn't get over what happend and that he would lie about it-things were never the same. Finally we broke up after two years. I was depressed I would have these what I would call episodes of just nothing but crying and feeling sorry for myself. I didn't want to live anymore, because I thought my dream of having a family was over.....


Now for the good stuff


After opening up to a few family members and friends about what had happened to me I felt better. It was scary as hell, but no one judged me everyone still saw me exactly the same. This really helped me with my depression and suicidal thoughts. There are people who love and care about me and would be sad if I left. I started to travel, I went skydiving, I took on more projects at work. I started getting back to who I was. In the meantime I had re- connected with an old male friend who a family member had introduced me to. He had always liked me but at the time I just wasn't ready to date and was terrified of telling any other man. We became closer as friends I wasn't really into him on a romantic level yet so I had no problem telling him- his reaction surprised me he just said "okay that's fine." So I said " well don't you want to know more--like how I got it...I can tell you the whole story about me and my ex." He said "nah it's none of my business it doesn't change how I feel anyways." I was shocked, but relieved. That was 5 months ago and we have been going strong ever since. I've met his family and he he has met mine.I just want to encourage others out there that you cannot let this define you. I spent two years of my life depressed because of this...when now I forget I have it most of the time. Honestly we all have problems and if someone doesn't want to be around you because of this oh well. I just want to encourage anyone out there you will meet someone out there who will love you and adore you for who you are! I'll leave with this quote: When something bad happens you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.

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Just like with any relationship...I would def let the person get to know you better before becoming romantically involved with them. Just for the simple fact you might discover something about them you don't like as well or there's just no chemistry. Sharing this with someone is also very personal...trust me when I say if the person likes you for who you are then disclosing will not be that hard.

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