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Currently going through first outbreak. Want to shed some light.

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So about a week ago I began to notice slight symptoms that were progressively getting worse as the week went on. After endless googling and researching, I knew in the back of my mind what it must have been, but did not want to accept it. For days I stressed, I cried, I worried. I tried to figure out what to do as I am only 19. Do I rough it out? Do I tell someone? Do I handle it myself? Being as it was only a few days from Christmas, I was supposed to be traveling to visit family in another state. It is usually something I look forward to every year, but this time I was miserable and unable to enjoy my time with this little secret bottled up inside of me. Not only during my 6 hours of flying and airport time was I stressing about my situation, I also managed to lose my wallet at the airport in the process. As you can see, God was testing my patience. (Luckily later that day my wallet was found). All thoughout the family dinner and opening presents which was wonderful, I was miserable. I felt ill, had no appetite and was also in quite a bit of pain given my situation. For hours I went back and forth on the decision to inform my mom what was going on. I finally got the courage to tell her once all the family members had left. I was immediately relieved as she was no judgements and actually quite helpful and has continued to be my rock through these past few days. Anyhow a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. The next few days my symptoms began to get worse and worse, I continued to worry about everything under the sun that H would do to my life. We began researching natural remedies and anything we could that could ease my pain since I was not somewhere where I could get to my Gyno. We tried many things the past few days until it was to the point I couldn't bear it. We finally managed to find a clinic to go to today. (It was the holidays and we were also in a very remote place). I went into this appointment pretty much knowing exactly what it was. The nurse that came in at first Was a very nice and bubbly lady. I began to talk about my symptoms and she too seemed to know immediately. I obviously was nervous and upset as me and my mom sat there. She seemed to know quite a bit about the topic. To my surprise, she ended up confessing that she's too contracted it over 25 years ago! I was shocked. She told me that the first outbreak is the worst and it gets better. She answered many of my questions and overall gave me so much more hope and relief. Although I was just swabbed today and won't know my results until the end of the week, I am almost positive that it is what I have. I am currently in the middle of my first outbreak and I'm quite a bit of pain. I just started on my meds today and am hoping for some relief in the next few days and quite possibly for good news at the end of the week. Being that I have been very active in lots of research on the virus and have been reading these forums post quite excessively, I wanted to share my story. I am only just in the beginning of this but have already managed to gather a positive outlook and hope others Newly diagnosed can do the same. I also wanted to offer a tip of something that has offered me great relief from itching and pain the past few days. It is an all natural cream called emerita yeast assist cream. It was a cream me and my mom found in a health foods store. Cheap and offered lots of relief. Even though it is specific for yeast infections, it has many soothing elements that are all natural, one being tee tree oil which is a relieving oil recommended for outbreaks. Any how, know this has been a long post. I apologize. Just wanted to try to help anyone out there going through the same thing as many of the discussions I have read have helped me!

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