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IGM Reliability for recent exposure

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Ok. Will try to be as concise as possible while telling the entire story.


I had unprotected sex and briefly received oral. 1.5 weeks later I started to experience sensitivity on the head of my penis. I obviously became worried. Another 1.5 weeks after that, I started to experience a tingle on my lip. I'm worried I autoinnoculated. The tingle has been going on for about a week at this point. In both spots, I have not noticed any other symptoms. No itchiness, no swelling, redness, or blisters.


I received many tests. Swab, IGM, and IGG. All came back negative, however, there was no blister so I am unsure if the swab is reliable. And the IGG was done 3 weeks after my potential exposure, so my understanding is the test was too early to truly be conclusive. I know IGM has issues with false positives, but my doctor said its purpose is to identify a recent exposure. I'm trying to see if anyone thinks I can trust my negative IGM result and assume I have not been recently exposed?


I do plan to get another IGG in about 2-3 months when it is supposed to be more reliable. But in the mean time I am concerned about the on going sensitivity. I am unsure if I should say anything to potential partners between now and when I receive another IGG. On one hand I don't want to potentially expose someone and harm them, but I'm also worried about scaring someone away over what may possibly be nothing.


Have been driving myself crazy with this over the last three weeks. Any advice is appreciated

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@Chithrowaway1142 -- with the combination of no sores and the IGM, that is pretty encouraging. IGM tests are not popular here, but it's about all you can go off here. If you had anything, an IGG COULD potentially show something after 3 weeks, but granted it's too early in a lot of cases.


I dunno, when I get freaked out about something I start noticing all sorts of weird feelings in my body that I don't normally. This happened like 8 years ago when I thought I got herpes and I 100% was overreacting -- unfortunately now it seems I DO have it, when I wasn't expecting it.


Personally if you do not get any changes that start to indicate herpes more than you already think, I would just use protection and not bring anything up. You can't disclose something that you don't know if you have, and you went out of your way to check things out. Also, a large percentage of first outbreaks are noticeable (not all though) so it's great you didn't have some big event.

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@Chithrowaway1142 -- yea, pretty sure it would have turned into an outbreak by now if it was herpes. Apparently prodrome symptoms can be aborted and not become outbreaks, but if that was the case I think the tingling would have stopped by now.


Just eat well, sleep well, focus on other things, and get the IGG at 2-3 months to get conclusive results.

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