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Well....blood work says HSV1

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Hello everyone.

Received my bloodwork results. HSV1...genitally. I think. IGM was negative. IGG was positive. 35.8. Nurse explained to me I have an established infection. Otherwise IGM would be positive. And I already know how unreliable IGM tests could be. Well, the story goes I woke up 2/15 middle of the night with stinging sensation. I thought it was from switching body soap and overly washing my privates over the course of a week and well, um, pleasuring myself the night it happened cause it was really dry...anyhow, applied neosporin, didn't see anything out of the ordinary. No redness, no swelling, no blisters. Fell back asleep. That morning all the stinging was gone except for a certain area felt stinging to the touch and still nothing visible. After a day, the stinging subsided and what remained was skin sensitivity. Not painful but uncomfortable and I couldn't tell it was sensitive unless I touched the area otherwise I couldn't feel anything at all. A week later, went to the ER, explained the situation to the good Doc and he didn't see anything worth testing for. But, in my head I kept telling myself something isn't right. This hasn't happened before. Over the course of another week the sensitivity started to subside. Gone. Being the hypochondriac that I am I went to an Urgent Care clinic and explained the situation again and the doctor decided to test for HSV. My results came back positive for HSV1. Could it be possible I have genital HSV1? Possibly. Could I have always been a carrier for HSV1? Yes, because both mom, pops and my brother get an occasional cold sore. I've never had one. But what I experienced pales in comparison to what I've read from most people's primary outbreak. Well, it's been 5 weeks since this began and have noticed some weird symptoms possibly related unless they are psychosomatic from reading about HSV. I've had left lower back ache, which I've had before from a back strain, and possibly sitting awkwardly on chairs. Felt random like pains in my left leg that come and go. One night I thought my left leg was restless but that happened the same night I was sitting awkwardly on a chair...so who knows. All I know is I didn't have flu like symptoms, no blisters, no sores, no redness, no tingling, no throbbing, no swollen lymph node that I could find. I found this message board in hopes of finding support in case a bad outbreak.


So, let's say this is my first outbreak. Will they always be this mild? Just trying to get a handle on this just in case I do get a severe outbreak. Should I start suppressive medication or episodic? I've stressed about this quite a bit I should have had another outbreak but nothing. Managed to get my stress under control and not dwell on this so much. Sleeping is somewhat back on track. And I've always taken 1000mg of Vitamin C daily. Help?!



39, Male

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@Tina94 I've never had sores. Just stinging for about a day...no redness, no swelling, no blister. Just sensitivity. I don't believe I have HSV2 because I haven't been sexually active in 2 years or else it would have shown....now it's just a waiting game to see if anything pops up again. Thank you for responding...it's been a rough day emotionally...but it's getting better.

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