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NEWLY diagnosed with Hsv1! NEED some answers. Feeling paranoid amd confused!

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Hi! Im 27 and never a sexually active person. Till i had my first ever sex with someone just this March. I decided to get tested for the very first time of my life since i got paranoid after i had sex with him. It was a protected sex. So i had sex March 25 2017 then i got tested after 13days . Well i believe he was clean but still i wanna be sure. So the reading are Hsv1 Igg TYPE SPEC AB 58.00 H and HSV2 TYPE SPEC AB 0.90.

Iwas postive hsv1 for sure i didnt get it from him and i was unaware that i have it for a long time since the antibodies were too high. I would not know if i didnt get tested.I thinlk i got it from my roomate, well shes like a family to me as well.Coz ive seen her having these cold sore on her lips amd nose a couple of times. That time i was unaware it was contagious. We sometimes share lipstick and drink shared drinks. I havent told her yet about it since i wanna be calm first and learne to accept this. I was shocke and depressed till now trying to cope up with it and be optimistic but its kinda hard for now. I just dont know if shes aware that it is contagipus virus.o my question


1 is there any chance that the result for hsv2 is false negative since i got tested 13 days after i had sex with him (protected)? Or should i do another test again?


2 I did test for everything including HIV, Hepatitis amd all that they're all NEGATIVE/NOT DETECTED but Im so scared and paranoid rigjt now that because it it wass too soon for me to get tested that some of this results are false negative. ??? IM SO STRESSED RIGHT NOW. O AM I BEING STRRSSED FOR NOTHING?

I wanted to ask my partner right now if he's 100% sure he doesnt have all these viruses. BUT he's focus on finishing his doctoral thesis this week.Yes He's a doctor. So waiting for him to be completely free so i can talk to him properly.


3 How much percentage that I'll be positive on one of these viruses?

Coz i have a sore throat now for 3 days but not a sever sore throat or maybe is just because of the weather right now in New york. Im afraid i have one of these virus in my body and didn't detect in my blood test results.


Please someone tell me im just being paranoid ! :(



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