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So much conflicting information out there!

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Hi everyone, i just recently found out I have hsv 2. Of course I've been reading online like crazy! Can you pass on the virus even when you are not having an outbreak/just before an outbreak? I've read different answers and heard different answers from doctors so im a little confused!

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There is a lot of conflicting information! You are in the right place for answers!!


- You CAN pass on the virus when you're not having an outbreak. There is something called "asymptomatic shedding" which is where the virus is active in the absence of symptoms, hence "asymptomatic". There is no way to tell when this is happening. This right here is the reason for most transmissions, especially in those who never have symptoms or symptoms so mild that they're mistaken for another condition. The vast majority (upwards of 80% I believe it is) that have the virus have no idea that they do


- Some people get prodromal feelings prior to an outbreak (itching, tingling, etc) which means that the virus is active and that it can be spread. Sometimes, an outbreak may not occur after these feelings, which just means your body got it in check prior to the lesions appearing


- You are definitely the *most* contagious when you have active lesions. So unless a partner has HSV2 as well, abstain from any contact at that point. You can have other kinds of physical contact, just not with the area you have an outbreak


There are some quick fact sheets that this site offers under the lifestyle guides (its the link that lets you get free info sent to you, without buying the guides). There are also some great links and great info embedded in past posts that you can find by browsing the forum. I browsed like crazy when I first found it and still do! I'm still new to this too so you are not alone


That all being said, antivirals can *decrease* viral shedding when taken in a suppressive dose, which decreases risk of transmission. But they do not totally stop the shedding

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