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First outbreak, healing, but sores appearing again

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I got my first ever outbreak just under 3 weeks ago on the 12th of August, and began healing slowly starting around the 20th (sores disappearing, pain and irritation dying away). I had done my cycle of Valacyclovir, and had been applying Fucidin Cream to the affected areas. However the past 2-3 days I've been having trouble sleeping at night because of the itching, and masturbation really seemed to help so I had been masturbating quite often (not vigorously) within those few nights and mornings, which was probably not the best idea. I noticed 3 or 4 sores appeared around my genital area which aren't the cause of my itching though, but even so I have been applying the Fucidin Cream on them. I'm not very itchy in the day but the itching gets pretty unbearable at night and keeps me awake. I feel as though this isn't really another outbreak and therefore shouldn't waste my extra Valacyclovir pills on this. Has anyone experienced this after/during an outbreak before, where you're healing but itching and a few sores appear again afterwards? Any advice? Thanks :)

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As far as I know I think that when its your first outbreak and the virus is new to your body, it can be common to get more sores while the first ones are healing. This is because your body is learning to fight it and doesn't have a handle on it yet. Which is also why outbreaks are usually more frequent the first year and *typically* decreased with time as your body gets a better handle on things. You could take your valtrex again if you feel the need to or you could also wait it out and see how things go. Totally up to you!

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@free_spirit Thanks for sharing! I thought the same thing about having itching and no lesions or a few show up again. I ended up having another outbreak a week after my first one. they might be promodone symptoms. The itching was unbearable at times. I did find that it was worse at night too. I found ice to help with the itching, through a layer of clothing for a few minutes. or using the hair dryer on cool, but be careful with that. I did my best to wear loose clothing/commando during those symptoms/in general just to keep the area free haha. Hope this helps & you're feeling better!

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