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I suspected what it was but just got the positive call from my doc...


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I have just tested positive for the HSV2 virus (blood test). I had my first outbreak roughly a year or so ago but had no idea what it was and had no reason to believe it was anything more than some kind of heat rash. After having a few more outbreaks (and they have always been fairly mild) I started to do some internet searching and from what I read and the pics I saw, I was almost positive that it was the herpes virus. I talked this over with my wife and told her what I thought and we agreed that I should go get tested.

Side Bar: We have been married for over 37 years and and I know for certain that she has been faithful to me the whole time. On the other hand, I was an immature idiot when we got married and shortly thereafter had a brief affair (approx. 34 years ago). After I came to my senses and realized how much I love the woman I married I broke it off and confessed my infidelity to my wife. I told her how sorry I was and that if she wanted to leave the marriage I totally understood and would bear all the blame. She chose to forgive me and we have managed, not only to repair our relationship, but we are more in love and more committed to one another now than ever before.

Why is this so important to give you this information? Because this virus has been dormant in my body for at least 34-35 years and is just showing up now. My wife has never had an outbreak and it is remotely possible that I could have contracted this from her. She was married before and left that marriage because of his cheating. She's a wonderful woman and has had too cheating husbands (not fair). However, where the virus came from is not important to either of us and we're not playing the "blame" game.

My doctor says to proceed with your sex life as you always have and since this is a monogamous relationship there is no need to have my wife tested. I agree with this since we both know that I have had the virus for 30+ years and she likely has it too but knowing that is not important to either of us.

My doctor says that she can give me a prescription for anti-viral meds when I have another outbreak that will help to shorten the duration and keep things more mild.

Sorry this is so long and drawn out but this has been a roller coaster week for me. I went from thinking my sex life, as I know it, was over to discovering that it's not nearly as big a deal as I first thought.

Any input from anyone reading this is welcome.


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I'm really sorry to hear about what you've went through. I think I might be in the middle of my first outbreak, but I am really not sure. When you had your first outbreak did you experience any pain or itching down there? Also the rash, did it contain any blisters that popped? I have what seems like a rash with all the traditional symptoms of herpes outside of the genital area (Flu and chills) but with mine, it hasn't really changed in size at all, and it's been two weeks. There seems to be no fluid in the rash either which is really confusing me. Was it at all similar for you?

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This is all very new to me and was quite a shock. I have had 3 or 4 out breaks in about a years time. At first I did not have any idea what was going on and brushed it off to some sort of rash. After having a few out-breaks I suspected something was definitely not right so I went to my physician and asked to be tested. I have no memory of any flu-like symptoms and my out-breaks have always been in the same area. It starts with 2 or 3 small blisters, (not a lot of itching) the blisters pop within 2 to 3 days and scab over. With me, they always appear on my penis along the band where I was circumcised as an infant. After that phase it takes 2-3 weeks before everything is back to normal. Some sensitivity and mild itching during that time.

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