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I'm really confused and looking for some answers

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So I am sure that these questions would be better directed towards a doctor, but right now I am really unsure of what to do.


Three weeks ago I had sex a girl I was sleeping with for the first time. We used a condom, but the condom ended up breaking part way through. That very night about an hour later my whole body began tingling. I don't know how to describe it, but I just felt restless and awful. I couldn't sleep well that night. Fast forward to less than a week later, I noticed that my penis had red marks on it that looked similar to yeast infections that I've had before. (I am a type one diabetic, so I occasionally do get penile yeast infections) So I thought maybe it could have been a coincidence. Fast forward to the 12th of September and these marks are very similar in appearance, only there are more of them. There is nothing that signifies any sort of blister or any sort of fluid. They haven't changed in size and they aren't painful or itchy. By the 14th, I began developing severe body chills accompanied by a fever. I also felt almost a burning feeling around my anus. However I did not have a sore throat, so it was way different and felt more severe than any sickness I've ever had in the past. The fever and chills also bring about almost a hot/cold sensation that is throughout my body. Since that night I had sex, I've also noticed a huge drop in my body temperature, I am always cold and have to pile on layers of clothing. I also have developed sores in my mouth even though I have suffered cold sores on my lips for years. On September 16th, I decided to go to the STI clinic in the city that I live in. I described my symptoms in full to the doctor, and I had her examine my genitals. She told me that she was positive from looking at my genitals, despite my symptoms that it wasn't herpes, so a herpes test need not be done. I asked her if they could please do it, and she said it would just come back negative since there is nothing they can swab at. (Unless the red marks at some point became filled with fluid) Which they still have not. She gave me a prescription for 150mg of diflucan a day for seven days assuming it was a yeast infection. I felt a bit of relief in what she said, but I also wasn't fully convinced. I just finished the weekly course of my diflucan and when I called the clinic, they told me I came back negative for everything! Including the yeast! I asked them about anti-virals and they just told me I should check in with my family doctor or a dermatologist for my condition. So this week, I am going to see my family doctor to see if he can give me a second opinion. I also suffer from Psoriasis on my knees and elbows. But, I've never had it on my penis, and even if I started to, I don't think psoriasis would line up with what I'm going through. My red marks are still there on my penis. Based around what I've read online, I've already convinced myself that I probably now have HSV2. Does anybody have any insight or a similar experience that they had with their initial outbreak? One really strange thing is that my penis has not been itchy in the slightest throughout the entire duration. Any sort of help or guidance you could provide me would make me feel a lot better.

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Hi type1diabetic, if the red marks don't have any fluid, it seems unlikely that it's type 2 herpes. Have you spoken to the girl you slept with? She might be able to answer this question for you. My first outbreak (HSV1) was very painful and there were blisters with fluid. They also healed over about two weeks and noticeably got better during that time. So if your red bumps are not changing (getting worse or better) it doesn't seem like herpes blisters to me. But I think if you explain all this to your doctor, he/she will hopefully be able to give you a clear answer. Sorry you are going through this!

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There's no fluid in them at all. It looks more like a rash than anything else. But combined with my symptoms and the way I've been feeling, I can't imagine what else it could be. I've spoken to the girl I slept with, and she was extremely shocked because she's never had any symptoms of herpes and she gets regular sti checks (Which of course don't include herpes) :( That's what the doctor and nurse of the sti clinic told me as well when I phoned back. But I've also read online that sometimes it can take the form of insect bites. Does it almost always involve some sort of fluid? Could I have the symptoms that I've been having, but during my outbreaks not get blisters? Does anybody have any ideas? I know that my family doctor would know more, but I am just frustrated because I can't see him for a few days and this has been going on for a couple of weeks now! I really appreciate you writing back for me, and I hope that everything is going well for you with your HSV1.

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Hi there, symptoms are not always blisters. Besidea those who are asymptomatic, many living with herpes that have no idea get more mild symptoms mistaken for something else. For women I've heard it can be mistaken for a yeast infection. It can also be mistaken for ingrown hairs. Some people have itching or irritation only. That's one thing that makes these viruses so tricky! They can indeed swab your red areas even in the absence of fluid. They've done studies on asymptomatic shedding by doing exactly that - swabbing asymptomatic people to try to detect the virus in the absence of symptoms. Just be careful, many PCPs and even GYNs for women I'm finding don't know a ton about HSV. It took me three medically providers for someone to even suggest swabbing my first outbreak to test for HSV

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Wow. That's crazy. I'm just driving myself insane with the what if's. Do my symptoms sound like it could be herpes? I think it's really a shame that they do zero testing for this sort of thing on regular sti check up's. Because according to them I'm completely clean, but now I'm in a state of not wanting to have sex again for fear that it is herpes. I really hope my family doctor can provide me with more help. Like I've had zero to no pain or itchiness down there, but all of my symptoms throughout the rest of my body lead me to believe it can't be anything else. :\

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Your symptoms are so vague it's really hard to say unfortunately. I would see if you can convince your PCP to do a PCR (these are more sensitive than cultures) swab of the red areas and see if anything results. It could really just be a rash or random red areas that coincidentally occurred at the same time as you not feeling well. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry until you know for sure. Focus on yourself, be kind to yourself, pamper yourself (in whatever way you would normally treat yourself!). Even if it is HSV, as you've probably seen from many posts on this site, it is NOT the end of the world and it doesn't inhibit a normal life anymore than any other health condition does. I'm only 3 months in and it still kind of gets me down sometimes but I've made leaps and bounds from where I was in the first few weeks

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It really shouldn't matter if your doctor doesn't think a swab test without the presence of any liquid will produce test results. Ask for a blood test. I went to my doctor with suspicions that I had the HSV2 virus and asked her to order blood work to test for the virus. She called me 2 days later to confirm.

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