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Herpetic Whitlow turned Genital HSV-1 - The irony and heartbreak

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Last weekend I sought treatment for what I thought was a bacterial infection in the thumb of my primary hand, I had a deep crack in that finger and went hiking Saturday so I assumed it was infected. Was given antibiotics at an urgent care and sent home. Tuesday morning the pain had spread to my entire index and thumb fingers and was burning down into my wrist, my entire hand was tingling. I was burning around my anus as well at that point but I had attributed it to a bad external hemorrhoid I had been treating for about two weeks. A visit to the ER uncovered that a nasty case of deep tissue herpetic whitlow I had in my thumb and that spread to my forefinger had inoculated my anus with HSV-1 during the course me caring for my hemorrhoid. I have spent the last two days in denial but today I am just upset. I am taking acyclovir and two antibiotics for a uti and to prevent secondary infection in my hand. While my bottom is just starting to improve I now have a huge blister on my thumb and its turning black and purple and the pain is terrible. I also have a few vesicles in the back of my mouth near my molars and in my throat most likely from eating with the infected hand my doctor says. So here I am, within 72 hours I have gone from hiking 6 miles up to a waterfall pass with my husband to celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary to being diagnosed with herpes on my hands, anus and in my mouth.


I have been married and monogamous for 12 years (there is the irony), my partner and I are both upset, confused and sad. We don't know what this means for us in terms of intimacy. I'm currently more concerned about spreading the virus to our young kids from my hands. I have been pouring through the internet trying to make sense of things but have a lot of unanswered questions. Where do I turn? What do I do now? What does this all mean?

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