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I need some help and support

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I'm pretty certain I have herpes but I'm still waiting for the results, I've searched the website but can't really find much in the way of stories from men so could really do with some advice. In early February I slept with a girl that I was dating (we actually broke up a week later due to unrelated issues), however six weeks after sexual contact with her I started to have some difficulty peeing. Following that symptom I developed a coldsore on my chin although very mild I immediately suspected herpes (having never had a cold sore before). I visited my GP (I'm in the UK) and she told me that to get on a course of acyclovir straight away which i did and no symptoms showed up on my genitals, however upon completion of the course i did get ill for five days and experienced some tingling on my penis. I visited my local GUM clinic and they took a swab from a site that I thought was feeling particularly sensitive which came back negative. Fast forward a month i had kinda forgotten about the whole thing, however after a week of poor sleep i developed a very small ulcer on the tip of my foreskin which has been completely painless, I wouldn't really know it was there if I wasn't so diligent. I ordered a home swab test to which I have sent off and I'm currently waiting for the results but I'm terrified of the results



I feel pretty upset and honestly, if the breakouts are like this I can get by with it. Admittedly, its the social aspect of it which is terrifying me, I'm 22 and beginning that stage where I would like to start dating seriously however I feel like this has completely torn my chances apart of having a normal dating life. I haven't told anyone about this and if I'm honest I don't plan on telling anyone (I've always kept things close to my chest), however I understand 100% that if i do have this, I need to disclose it to potential partners. I was really just looking for a male perspective (and any perspective) on this start to a new life with herpes.


At the moment, I really have little knowledge about it and have found some solace in the forums, my mind is also racing about which strain of the virus that I have


I know that HSV1 is the strain that would normally cause a cold sore on my chin but I'm still unsure if its HSV2. What I'm guessing is my second outbreak also came after a month of my primary OB so I feel that would point towards HSV2 and I'm just so confused.


I can barely eat, sleep or think which makes it all the more difficult when I have exams starting in two and a half weeks. I'm trying to put this all on pause but I'm struggling hugely.


Please help

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I'm a woman so I can't answer all your questions, but I'll try to help. Have either of your doctors order a blood test? Six weeks since contact might be long enough for antibodies to develop and show up on a blood test. It can take up to 4 months, though.


From what I understand, HSV1 tends to live in the upper part of the body (face and mouth) while HSV2 is lower (genitals) - it is possible (and even common) to contract HSV1 in the genitals but the instances of HSV2 in the upper body are rare.


I was exposed at least two months before I saw symptoms. I actually found out when my blood test came back positive. I went directly to a lab for testing after being warned about possible exposure. I then saw my doctor to get re-tested and a prescription. She told me that the time that it's possible I have a very mild strain of the virus. It reacts differently with everyone, though.


For your sake, I hope you're worrying over nothing. If your pending results are positive, don't fret too much. This forum is an enormous support. If they are negative, get a blood test to put your mind at east anyway. And get another one in a couple months just to be sure.

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Hi SPATX919,


Thanks very much for your reply, I've kind of come to terms with it slightly as in it's been in the back of my mind for the last month. I just didn't realise I'd have to deal with this so soon again. My symptoms really point to nothing but herpes, considering I'd been fully std tested and all came back negative. It really is tough, I wouldn't wish this upon anyone but also understand that it will improve over time (funnily, I can already feel i

I've been through a few of the five stages of grief just in the last month).


The biggest part that is troubling me is disclosing to partners, finding a partner is hard enough without having a for-life infection. I'm just finding it all so overwhelming

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