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Anal HSV1, newly diagnosed

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Hello! I was diagnosed with herpes about a month ago - isolated HSV 1 around my anus. Physically my first OB was pretty rough (felt like pooping glass!), thankfully my partner and the few people I told were super supportive. My doctor put me on Valtrex 3g/day for 10 days and I quickly started feeling much better.


However, I’m still having a few issues and wondering if it’s typical/other people have had similar experiences? During/after my OB I had mild constipation, which has resolved, but I’m still having a little discomfort with bowel movements, and they’re not quite back to completely regular. I’ve also noticed that the area around my anus is kind of puffy/inflamed - but not red, like herpes - and has started to feel itchy. This past weekend I had symptoms that were similar to my first OB, like chills and pins and needles sensations.


I’m nowhere near the level of discomfort as my initial OB and I don’t appear to have visible herpes sores. This has been a huge learning process so I’m trying to figure out what’s normal and what isn’t. I wasn’t able to get another appointment with my doctor for two weeks, but she provided me with Valtrex refills and I’m wondering if I should just start taking it again? I have intense anxiety and am a hypochondriac, so it’s really tough not to freak out with every new sensation or symptom. Thank you guys in advance for your help :)

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