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Newly diagnosed; just need some advice from veterans!

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First time poster; short time lurker! So I’m ready to share my experience and hopefully get some advice on how to handle my newfound situation. But I would like to start off by saying this forum and and these members have saved me in ways I cannot explain. There is such community here; such honesty and rawness and it has gotten me through the last few months as I come to terms with all these changes. I’m still me; just have to pay a little more attention to my body.


So i was recently (around mid May) diagnosed with HSV-2. I went and got tested, because, clearly, I was having an OB. Now this being said I’m like 99.9% my very first (and awful) OB was roughly 2016 around Memorial Day because I specifically remember having awful “razor burn” that looking back now was 100% an OB. I honest to God thought it was just razor burn; I have super sensitive skin anyways so that was not out of the norm..but I had a feeling deep down. The several other OBs I had also occurred directly after shaving..so denial and of course google convinced me I was fine. Wrong.


So, anyways, I went through all the typical awful feelings that come with the diagnosis; shame, embarrassment, overall misery. I’ve recently started seeing a psychiatrist (for other issues actually) but it’s all coming together and I’m actually starting to feel a bit like myself again. That being said, I need some advice.


I completely understand that this effects everyone completely differently. I have recently started a new job so my health insurance hasn’t kicked in yet. I was able to get 3 valtrex scripts from a nurse practitioner for OBs (2 tabs twice a day for 3 days)


I had my first OB since getting the script starting around Friday evening. I wasn’t sure; it was just a small tingly feel; started in my hip and then moved to a small red bump in the same area as my last OB. I immediately filled the Valacyclovir and took it.


This morning I take my third dose and by the time I get to work I have a distinct set of hard clear blisters. I’m so confused and honestly fairly upset because I truly took the medicine ASAP. Is this always going to happen ?


I will say the itch is SO MUCH LESS and there isn’t much pain, but god it’s just such an awful feeling having those itchy gross bubbles..and honestly I don’t even know it happened. I work out regularly, eat pretty well and have a good job. The only thing I’ve done different was masturbate Thursday evening. I was started on lexapro and I was genuinely curious if I would be able to orgasm; so does this mean that most time I masturbate I’ll have an OB? Am I just not going to be able to have orgasms? I’m frustrated and sad; I’m handling it but any advice or suggestions is welcomed and appreciated.


Also shaving..I don’t think it’s a trigger but it could be?


I have a WONDERFUL support group of family and several very close friends who know. I’m actually even dating someone H- (and yes I absolutely told him before we even kissed; i plan to share my disclosure story as well) but this has set me back mentally.


Would a daily suppressant help with this? Did I take this round too late in the OB for it to halt the blisters? I feel that since my initial OB in May 2016 I have had at least 5-6 OB now..does this constitute as enough for a daily suppressant? I keep reading that after time your body gets stronger and better at fighting the virus but I honestly don’t feel like mine has.


Anyways, apologies for the long winded post and I appreciate everyone’s comments and posts in this forum; even if I don’t receive any on this one.


Stay strong and healthy my lovelies.

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I can’t figure out if I’m newly “infected” or if every yeast infection I thought I was having over the years was actually an outbreak. As soon as I was officially diagnosed I went on suppressive treatment and to be honest it doesn’t seem to have helped much. I still seem to be getting monthly outbreaks right before my period.

Shaving seems to be a trigger for me. But waxing seems to be fine. When I shave I get a little feeling like a paper cut right at the top of my labia. 

As for masturbating I’m still on the fence as to whether or not my vibrator may cause me to get outbreaks. So I’m not sure. It just seems like it never ends to be honest.



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See that’s my issue as well; right around the time I ovulate I have an OB. like a lot here recently. Which is odd, because everyone says the longer you have it the better your body gets at combating it but I seriously feel the OPPOSITE. I’m so worried and concerned that every itch or tingle or pain is an OB. then I probably stress myself into breaking out. It’s really hard and takes weeks away from me. 


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I’m having the same issue. Although I recently went for a pap and another full check up and came back positive for bacterial vaginosis. So I treated that, and then the yeast infection I got from the antibiotics, and the bad outbreak I  got from all the stress and meds, and have been symptom free since! (Knock on wood) ... I also went for accupuncture specifically for ghsv and am continuing with that as it really seemed to help. 

But I’m really struggling with trying to figure out if the infection was new (likely) from a new partner I had, or like I said before, trying to decide if every yeast infection or itch or ingrown hair I ever had was in fact herpes. From my diagnosis May 9 until a week ago I felt like I had constant prodomes/itching/symptoms but my doctor thinks it was from the BV. Hopefully I can enjoy a few weeks clear from obs here and there 

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@Anon85 totally agree; I have no idea when I contracted at all. All I know is that since I found out it’s been way worse. I had my second OB in 2 weeks so I went to my dr and she finally gave me suppressive therapy. I’m really hoping that it eases my anxiety as well as combats the virus because honestly I think most of my issue is the anxiety I get when I think about it. 

Ill be aaaalmost asleep and then I’ll think about dating or having sex and I’m WIDE awake and panicked. God i hope this gets easier for us 😞

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My friend was having the same issue, every month before her period she’d get an outbreak. Antivirals didn’t really help. She found that avoiding nuts, caffeine, and chocolate helped a lot. I started taking some nervine herbs (meaning they calm the nerves) and that made a HUGE difference! I like the Wish Garden Emotional Ally tincture. To me, the anxiety that seems to come with this virus has been the worst part of it, but those herbs help so much with that part, allowing your body to relax and heal. 

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