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nerve pain worried

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I had vulvodynia for the past year and finally had surgery which i believe went well (I rememebr having 2 days of no pain besides surgery soreness) but then i got a hsv1 outbreak (my 2nd one ever) the blisters have cleared up but AGAIN i am having nerve pain down there and don't know what to do, i am taking 500mg valtrex 2x a day but I don't know if its normal to have prodome symptoms after an outbreak. I was also out on Saturday late drinking with friends- i don't know if that could make the nerve issues last long? In a way I understand that my nerves down there were already aggravated so it may take a little longer to heal, the dr just said to wait a few weeks, BUT I AM SO SICK OF WAITING- i just want a time line or some idea. i am only 21 and this has ripped apart my life and a great relationship that i cant even get over now cause i am always in nerve pain. I just feel so bad for my parents and my poor body, i cab handle the OBs pretty well cause they only take a few days but this mysterious "no end in sight" lingering pain no one can see drives me MAD. and i wont live a life like this. 

if anyone has been through something similar (i have seen posts on this site similar) please shed some light! I am going to see my GP tomorrow since I am in canada and my doctors are in america since thats where i live full time. will get tested for UTI's and such.

My symptoms are: (all in vaginal areas)

burning pain (worst when i urinate)

tingly (like a worm squirming)

different tingling (more gentle and will be in a very specific area)

bubbly feeling? like its rising thru the labia but wont pop


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You mentioned you had an hsv1 outbreak.  Have you ever tested positive for hsv2?  What has transpired since your post?  Your symptoms sound like hsv2.  Personally, I have the nerve issues you mentioned....like worms crawling and I'm still testing negative, though my wife has tested positive.  Like you, I'm just waiting with no clear time line of what to expect or what might come next.  

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