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HSV-2 orally contagious : /

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I was diagnosed with HSV2 about 5 years ago.  I don’t have genital outbreaks except maybe 1x a year. I am totally clear of HSV-1.

I’m curious if anyone else has had secondary panodrom in other locations such as burning and itching in the nose, corners of lips or eyes. I didn’t think it was possible to infect yourself and others or have it orally really. I figured it was just nerves acting up. I’ve never seen an open sore etc.

Seemingly impossibly after reading this website I backed way down on my paranoia about spreading it through kissing, towels etc and was just good about washing my hands. There is no way I have ever touched a sore and then a family member. I’m still extremely careful then. But I also started kissing my son bye again at school- and just this year my youngest son ( which is absolutely heartbreaking I try not to think about it every day now what’s done is done) seems to have full-on outbreaks along the corner of his nostril and at least peeling on the edge of his lip. 

How is this possible? Where did I misstep? How can I take him to get tested and ALSO how do I explain how he has HSV-2 when it’s supposedly not possible without sexual contact??!! I can’t even wrap my head around it or what to do.

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I’ve had HSV1 for a very long time. When I had my first few outbreaks it was horrible. I had it on my lips, chin, cheek, nose. I didn’t know what it was, my doctors didn’t know either. 

Have you considered he just picked up HSV1 from somewhere and not HSV2? Innocent kisses from family members, etc can transfer HSV1 so innocently. I know how the blame game works,  and it’s easy to take that on yourself. I’m a mom too. 

My suggestion, take him to the doctor and have them swab when he first gets one and have them verify for you what strain he has. You would take him to the doctor if he had any other infection., right?  My son knows that he can’t kiss me when I have an outbreak. He knows it’s contagious. He’s known since he was little.  As he got older he asked me more questions. I told him it was herpes cold sores and how it can be sexually transmitted. So you only need to tell him what is necessary at that time of his life. 

It will be alright. Just be yourself. Just be the great mom you have always been. 

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