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IgG and Swab (DNA) test result confusion. Please help!

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Hello everyone,
I was recently diagnosed with HSV-2 three weeks ago. I am a bit confuse with the result but before I go with my question, I'll give you a background of why I am desparate to get some answer.

4 yrs ago my fiance and I broke up. Few months later our break up he contracted HSV-2 then we got back together and stayed together for 6 months then we broke up for good. About a month after my ex fiance and I broke up I meet my current boyfriend which we are now 3 yrs in our relationship.

Around 3rd week of June 2018 I got a call from him telling me he got swab test for HSV and came back positive for HSV-2. I was abroad then and has to come back home to get tested and finally we both got IgG test and Swab (DNA) test done on the 8 of August 2018. The result for IgG and swab came back for both of us positive for HSV-2. However, his index level is a lot higher than mine. My IgG level is 0.9 with positive swab test and his at 8.00 with positive swab test as well. My swab test only came positive 2 weeks after taking the blood sample off me. The first swab test which were takin at the same time as my blood test only shows Vaginoses. My doctor told me that it seems like my breakout is inside which is the reason I don't notice and feel it so I have never had visible blisters or anything.

The thing that confuse me is, if I was the original carrier of the virus after I broke up with my ex fiance, shouldn't my IgG level be higher already than 0.9 since (assuming I contracted it before I meet my now BF) it has been with me for almost 4yrs? My doctor and my nurse told me over the phone that it seems like I contracted it recently but because it was only through phone conversation I could not ask them other questions until my next visit.

I blame myself that I may have given it to him because of my irresponsibility for not doing HSV test 4 years ago but with what I heard and what I read tells me otherwise. Would it be possible that because maybe I have it for a long time therefore that's the reason my IgG index level is very low even if my swab test came back positive or could it be possible that my body is just starting to build the antibodies meaning I been infected recently? Our last sexual contact was around last week of May 2018 before I left my country and the very last one was on the 17th of July 2018 when I return home.

By the way, the measure that they use for IgG test are as follow:
<0.8 below negative
0.8 à 1.1 borderline result
>1.1 above positive

My IgG index level is 0.9 and his is 8.0

I apologize if my english is not that clear. English is not my first language but please I need your help! I don't want to keep feeling like I was betrayed by my boyfriend if there's other explanation out there.

Thank you so much everyone.

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