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As I currently wait for lab results from a swab I have so many questions. But one stands out the most. Did my current boyfriend give me hsv2, or have I had it? In the past I’ve obviously never had anything like this before. I know they say you cannot tell for sure who gave it to you. And they also say the first outbreak is within 2-20 days. So here’s my story. And for some inner peace, I just need someone else’s opinion. I understand there’s no direct yes or no. In August I began dating Michael. We had sex for the first time Sept 1st. We live in two different states. I stayed with him for three days that time. Then returned home, with no issues. Friday, Sept 28th I went to stay with him again. We had sex. The next day, the 29th, we had anal sex. That was my first having anal sex. On Sunday Sept 30th I returned home. 5 days later on Friday I had some anal discomfort. Almost rash like. It wasn’t too bad, I was able to work still. Thought maybe the pads or toilet paper was irritating me. By Saturday night it was clear it was a little more than that. I thought maybe it was a hemorrhoid. Got tucks pads and cream. It wasn’t necessarily itchy, more of a burn. Each day it gradually got worse. By Tuesday I was miserable. Barely walking. Felt like I was on fire. Not in the vaginal area. Anal area only. I laid in bed for 3 days. Finally Friday October 12th I went to the ER. Instantly the doctor felt like the bumps/ blisters/ lesions in the anal area were hsv 2. I was prescribed Valacyclovir. Still have 3 more days of the 7 day pill. Still pretty uncomfortable. I would say the lesions have slightly improved. When I went to the er I contacted Michael. I asked him about hsv 2 and any other std’s/ infections. He is in the army. I know they test them regularly. He told me he has never had any stds or hsv 2. Obviously I smart enough to know that he could be lying, unaware, or telling the truth. He told me he did have a staph infection 4 months ago. And was treated for it. I’m not going to engage in the conversation again until I get my swab results back. Which should be any day now. I have told him he needs to be tested again for everything. I feel like I am 99% sure, that if I have hsv 2, it is from him. I have a very weak immune system. Iron is always low from menstrual issues etc. There definitely has not been a time I have ever felt discomfort like this. This is all happening 30 days after sleeping with him for the first time. 6 days after having anal for my first time I was uncomfortable. But the 5 days prior I was fine. 10 days after anal for the first time I was in unbearable pain. 13 days later I was in the hospital with anal lesions and blisters. Am I pretty accurate to assume I received anal hsv 2 from him? I know at the end of the day there is no 100% sure answer. I know this could have been something in my body from the past. I am 31 years old. But the fact that I had anal hsv2 lesions within 6-13 days after my first time having anal, just really tells me it was from Michael. Could anal have just caused a flare up I had never had before? If it was already in my body? There’s the “we can’t say for sure.” And I just need someone to be like honestly... it seems like you got it from Michael. Or... honestly it could all be a coincidence. I’ll calmly have the convo with him again soon. I’m not even mad at him, as devastating as this has been. I have no desire to yell at him. I just want to move forward and take care of myself. And someone else’s opinion would help me feel more confident in my future convo with him. Thank you.

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