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trust issues

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So I just came down with my first ever genital herpes outbreak--almost 3 weeks or burning urine (to the point where I cried every time I peed), pain, terrible, terrible itching, twitching, etc. It took forever to get this diagnosed because as far as I knew, I had had no exposure. (I was tested for all STDs, including Herpes, four years ago, and everything came back negative. Same partner for six years). Come to found out, back in March, my partner had what he calls a "small cold sore" on his lip, and his dr. as part of his routine test work insisted on testing for herpes as well. The doctor apparently reported to my partner in March that it was herpes (not disclosing it was type II) but said "it's no big deal, about half of the population have this," and recommended no preventative measures (even condoms) even knowing that my partner and I have been in a long term sexual relationship for many years. My partner claims the cold sore quickly went away and he quickly forgot about what the Dr. said, even when he say me suffering) with terrible pain for roughly 9 days until my cultures came back positive for genital herpes and they gave me valtrex.


So, I guess I'm having trust issues. I don't want to believe he would hurt me in this way--he is a kind,considerate person. But even if his doctor did minimize the danger to me, shouldn't my partner have told me and let me decide? He acknowledges he used "bad judgement"--should I expect more?


I'm also curious about how many people stay on Valtrex, even if there partner is positive as well? Frankly, I can't imagine going through this hell again. But my (current) doctor seems to think it depends on how many outbreaks I have in the next year--if I have a lot, she will put me permanently on valtrex, but if not, she wont. Does that make sense? Opinons?


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