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  1. I was recently diagnosed with HSV2 about a week ago. I am 25 and a single mother too. What youre feeling, I am currently feeling. I am also looking for support. I just moved from TX to NC and moving back to Houston next year. I am seeking advice on to how to handle all this. Right now I am having an OB and it hasnt been getting better. Sometimes its hard for me to accept, that I might not be able to find love, or have anymore children...but Im determine to deal and accept this. I'm glad I found this website. I hope to chat with someone soon It is definitely hard to accept that you'll always have it. You can still find love and have more children! It may be more challenging than before, but I think it shows someones true character if they can look past it and see you as more than hsv2. You are not the herpes, it doesn't define you
  2. Hi Kab, I am sorry about your diagnosis, although I think its admirable you found this group straight away for help. I found out I had HSV2 about 5 months ago and have just started seeking advice on how to handle it. I had been symptomless up until right now, I am experiencing my first OB. I have thought about HSV every single say and felt horrible every day and kept it to myself until right now, I think this support group is a really positive step forward in helping people realise how common it really is and nothing to be ashamed of, and how we can't let a silly stigma lower so many peoples confidence. I am determined to accept this and not let the shame ruin my day to day life or the prospect of me finding love. I would love to chat if you are up for it. I am currently living in Canada (I am actually Australian) Let me know if you want to email. :) All the best and don't let anyone dull your shine :) Nice to meet you! Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on here cause I was tired of thinking about it. I think its important to talk to people who understand though definitely! I think one of the most annoying things is that I have to take a pill every day and I have never been a person to take medication. I hate it. I don't even take aspirin for pain. I hope you have been okay! Let me know, we can talk through email if you want
  3. Thanks for replying to my post. I've been thinking about it almost non stop and its clouding my mind a little bit because it's always in the back of my mind. I'd be happy to have you as someone to talk to as I'm having a lot of emotions about it and I'm trying to feel normal again. Welcome! When I got my diagnosis last year I felt a lot of what you are feeling. It does get better, believe me. I spent a lot of time in this forum to come to terms with it. You're going to find that most of the people are pretty normal and still lead healthy lives. It was also a great resource for leaning about common triggers and how to treat your outbreaks. It seems pretty unlikely you could give it to your son because transmission requires skin to skin contact and I'm presuming your HSV2 is in the genital area. If you want to be extra careful, just make sure he's not using your bath towels or anything else that comes into contact with you genitals soon after you do. I'm in Texas so I can't meet with you in person, but I'll be glad to lend an ear if you need advice or just a virtual shoulder to cry on.
  4. Hello, I am 24 years old and was diagnosed with HSV2 less than a week ago. I am a single mother and I am always busy. This diagnosis came as quite a shock and has been a blow to my self esteem. I am also terrified that somehow I'll pass it to my son. I don't want to tell anyone I know yet (besides my mom) because I want to come to terms with it first and I don't want anyone looking at me differently. I need to talk to people who are in the same boat as me so I will feel less weird about it. I would like to form friendships with a few people who I can open up to and not feel judged. I live in Idaho, and would like to talk to people who live here or who live in other places, it doesn't matter too much. Just needing to talk about it.
  5. I am an almost 25-year-old single mother of an amazing little boy. I just found out that I have HSV2 today. I got the test done a week ago, and I had to wait a whole long week for the results. Even though I knew that I was most likely positive because of my symptoms, I had hope that maybe I was wrong. Anyways, I don't really have anyone to talk to that knows what I'm going through. I had just finally gotten back out there after over 2 years of being single and abstinent because 2 years ago I left an abusive relationship that I was in for 6.5 years. I took time to heal emotionally and mentally. I didn't ever think this kind of thing would happen to me, which I'm sure no one does. I just need to know that I'm not alone and would like to develop friendships with some people that are in the same boat. I live in Idaho. Anyone from there?
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