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  1. That's awesome, thank you for sharing your story and your heart. In that moment when you saw that HSV isn't the one with the power here, it's automatically empowering to notice. Why? Because you can see so clearly that it's your own mindset, the perspective you choose to take that gives it all the power it *seems* to have. Enjoy your budding relationship! Sounds like a good one is blossoming here ... 🙂
  2. Hi @jacquelyn and welcome. I'm sorry you're going through it! Doesn't sound pleasant, for sure. If all of these symptoms are indeed herpes related, then know with time your body will get control over the virus as it's producing more and more antibodies as we speak. And to be sure you have it, get the Western Blot test. IgG and other blood tests tend to give too many false positives and false negatives to give a definitive diagnosis without an actual outbreak to back that up. Here's an article on that: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/herpes-tests
  3. I haven't had direct experience with erythema multiforme, but the good news is that it typically resolves on its own. But taking a course of medication like acyclovir can help to heal it up. Have you talked with your doctor about it and are you on medication? Especially since you just got diagnosed, your immune system hasn't gotten herpes under control (usually takes 6-12 months), so taking medication now will help support your immune system at these early stages.
  4. Hi @SillyBean and welcome! Here are some thoughts on your questions: Full STI checkup: Unfortunately, based on how most clinics operate, even a full STI checkup doesn't include a herpes blood test. Why? Because they figure it's not necessary (I don't agree) since most people in the world have some version of herpes, and a positive diagnosis would make a lot of people unnecessarily scared. So when you get an STI panel, you need to clarify "including herpes." Razor: Impossible that it was transferred this way. Herpes is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact with friction (think
  5. Hey @Bellapink! Good question. It's unlikely since HSV really prefers either the mouth or genitals (mucous membrane, warm, moist). From what I've heard, most cases of herpes spreading to the finger (herpetic whitlow) are spread via an active outbreak since viral shedding doesn't produce enough virus to overwhelm the thicker skin.
  6. Hi @MoonSun! I haven't personally heard any connection to herpes outbreaks and bleeding. What location genitally have you gotten outbreaks? Outbreaks don't tend to happen internally, so I wouldn't assume would contribute to bleeding.
  7. Hi @LilBoi and welcome! Blisters are the most common way that herpes outbreaks show up, then after a few days those blisters crust over. But they can also show up as paper cut outbreaks. It would be helpful, if possible, to go to the clinic if you see these bumps show up and get them cultured. Here's an overview article about herpes outbreaks.
  8. Hi there and thanks for reaching out! The short answer is you won’t know until and if you have an active outbreak. But here are some things to consider ... 80-90% of the world has some form of HSV. And most of that is oral herpes (aka cold sores From HSV-1). So you’re part of a strong majority. 😉 It’s just more unnerving because you don’t know where the original site of infection was and therefore don’t know where you might be shedding from. So just share with your partners that you’re a carrier of HSV but you’ve never had an outbreak (around 20% of carriers never end up having an active
  9. Hey there! Great questions. And yes, over half of new genital herpes cases are from a partner with oral herpes (cold sores) performing oral sex on their partner. And when you aren’t having an outbreak, it’s actually a low chance, especially since you’re aware that you have herpes and it’s transmissible. Because most of the spread of herpes is due to ignorance. So many people aren’t aware that oral herpes can spread to the genitals via oral sex, so they go down on their partners during an active outbreak! But you wouldn’t do that because you know better. And that makes it that much less likely
  10. You did the right thing to get those places swabbed and cultured. It's really hard to do a proper examination based on pictures when we're all behind a keyboard, so be patient and see what comes back. I know the waiting game is hard! Feeling like you're in that middle ground ... Breathe deep and know that even if it's positive that you are still fully capable of living a full live with herpes. Let us know what comes back when you get the results and we're here for you!
  11. Hi @JessJunko and thank you for your vulnerability here. It sounds painful and super fucking frustrating, especially after going on for so long. Curious how often do you have outbreaks and how long do they normally last? You posted on a separate thread that you're on suppressive therapy, which is probably helping to a certain extent but doesn't seem to be cutting it. Zooming out a bit, do you stay healthy in your sleep, diet, exercise and mindfulness? Medication is only one part of the whole puzzle; it's ultimately about supporting your immune system and overall health in general. Eating well,
  12. Hi @JessJunko! You're right that we can't be giving medical advice here that pertains to a dosing regimen, but a good place to go for medical-related ideas is our friend Terri Warren. The good news is most people don't have any side-effects from antiviral medication, even if you're taking daily suppressive therapy (as I have for years).
  13. Nope, just like you say, just don't touch it and then touch other parts of your body and you'll be fine. If you're like most people, this should be the only time you have an outbreak on your nose.
  14. Hi there and welcome! Certainly possible to get a primary outbreak around your nose, but good news is once your body builds up immunity via antibodies (6 mos to a year), you're not likely to have recurrences in the nose since HSV-1 prefers the area around the lips. FYI, here are other related posts on these forums: https://forums.herpesopportunity.com/search/?q=nose&quick=1
  15. Hi @lil devy! Oh I'm sorry you're going through this! Doesn't sound fun at all. Herpes can cause bladder infections and swelling, but only if the actual outbreak is at the urethra itself; is that where your primary infection was? Here's a snippet from the Mayo Clinic about this: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/genital-herpes/symptoms-causes/syc-20356161#:~:text=Bladder problems.,catheter to drain your bladder.
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