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  1. So I have these razor like bumps on my inner thigh/Labia area. I have had hsv 2 for almost two years and still have constant prodrome. These bumps are barely anything and pretty sure they are sore hair follicles because I have extracted hairs from them and had them checked by the doctor ( she just looked at it and said it didn’t look like herpes and couldn’t swab anything) sorry if this is tmi I’m just so fed up of obsessing on whether or not this is a break out. I take Valtrex everyday and i can’t say for sure if it works? I’m Stressing myself out to the point where I feel completely alone and depressed. Help please!! I sit and look at this bump and examine it and it just gets more and more irritated I feel crazy and I hate this
  2. Ok so I’m honestly considering seeing a specialist about infectious diseases because every time I get a small cut canker sore etc I automatically think somehow my HSV-2 spread to my mouth (keep in mind I’ve been swabbed several times in mouth and it was negative) the reason I am posting is I am terrified to give it to my boyfriend. I know before everyone has said you can’t give hsv 2 to someone if you don’t have oral hsv 2. But I from time to time will have burning in my mouth and vagina and all over my body face etc at the same time. I honestly believe it’s juat anxiety but I just would like some answers why do I get this burning in my mouth throat?! Can Genital predromial symptoms show up in your mouth I.e burning etc... or is this just my body so anxious I’m causing these symptoms because I’ve read that too. Please someone help ease my stress or give me a resource to know FOR sure I don’t have it in my mouth and can’t pass it by giving my partner oral sex
  3. To piggy back off other posts I’m just concerned. I feel like I’ve talked to every dr every website and I still just feel lost. I get burning on my lips and mouth but no sores? How the heck do I find out what this is? The drs have done nothing for it and I’m concerned I gave my hsv 2 to my mouth or it’s somehow there? I do not have hsv 1 and was just tested for it and it came back negative. I just am so sick of worrying and stressing out about every little pain, itch, etc. it really makes me feel depressed.
  4. So I have the same thing and I’m super paranoid about it like my mouth burns and lips tingle.... is this prodromal symptoms generating to the mouth? I feel like there is no answer. My doc said it’s possible to shed from the mouth but there is no way to really detect that unless there is a sore. I am totally with you it’s super annoying and scary. I do also know that anxiety can cause these symptoms as well...but ya hard to stay calm when you don’t have answers. I hope someone can help us!
  5. Don’t worry yourself until you actually have results and facts! Yes herpes can look like a single lesion as mine did.
  6. So I have never been diagnosed with oral hsv 2 just Genital I’ve been really stressed and had a lot of acidic drinks on vacay (hence the canker sore) which is actually barely visible. I have read so much on everything and get discouraged because I don’t know what to believe so the paranoia persists... its just frustrated feeling like I can’t do anything sexually with my parther again (which I know is not the case) it’s just hard.
  7. Ok so I have hsv 2 and I have a canker sore NOT A COLD SORE. Does anyone know if I can spread my herpes that way say if I kiss my partner,?! I know this is me being extra paranoid and cautious but please help to ease my mind!
  8. truee!! i just rechecked my facts (which were all facts from you so thank you 🙂🙂!!!!! sorry about that 😉
  9. Also over 50 percent of the population have hsv-1 it’s so terrible that it has a stigma but please don’t lose hope! I’m here if you need to talk.
  10. I am so so sorry you feel like this! I’m in the same boat, I was diagnosed 8 months ago and it has been hell I thought I wanted to take my life BUT don’t lose hope I am with a guy now who knows about it and loves me for me (mind you I had all shitty relationships BEFORE HSV) everything will fall into place as it should and we are all here for you!
  11. Ok thank you! Nope never have! Just got tested again for hsv-1 but I have only ever had hsv 2 on my genitalia and never a cold sore on my mouth.... ppl are confusing me and I’m scared now to do anything to him....
  12. I am just freaking out because I have already performed oral sex on him and I didn’t think hsv 2 could be passed from the mouth? Just the Genitalia.
  13. I am so sorry I know you probably explained this but! If I do not have oral herpes or cold sores present can I give my uninfected partner hsv-2 ?!
  14. So I was diagnosed with genital herpes... it has been a terrible roller coaster of regret pain. Sadness and hopelessness. It’s been about 8 months now I was diagnosed right over Christmas lucky me 😞. I’ve been doing well have received treatment and it seems to be helping. ANYWAY I’ll cut to the chase. I recently have been seeing someone who I have known for years he is great and knows mostly about my situation just not exactly what it is just that I refrain from sex with him and I don’t let him conduct oral sex on me. THE QUESTION: can I give him oral sex without passing on my Genital Herpes... I have given him oral sex at least five times and I’m so paranoid of infecting him I feel depressed,sick and suicidal. I’m in my head and have been having a weird metallic metal burning in my mouth. The dr said that could be a number of things and not herpes.... I’m just so paranoid. Mind you I have never had oral herpes hsv 1 or 2 I’m just so paranoid. Any help please!!!! Sorry for the long post as it is my first one!
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