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  1. Do yall use condoms, antiviral medications? Oh sorry I see u already answered the question lol
  2. Ok I'm a 30F with GHSV2 for over a year now. When I first got infected I had unprotected sex. It took only a week before I had a bad OB with multiple bumps on my vaginal lips and a small paper cut near my anus. So I read that it can take anywhere to up to a few days, weeks, months, and years for an out break to occur once infected. I'm curious to know when did you experience an ob after having unprotected or protected sex with an infected person. Did it take a few days, weeks, months, or years?
  3. My first ob came when I was on my period and I've been ghsv2 for over a year now. I still get a OB before, during, or after my period. Periods are common triggers along with stress, diet, sex, etc.
  4. How often did you and your partners have sex, was it a couple times a week, few times a month. Where you guys very sexually active? how many times in a day?
  5. I haven't been diagnosed yet but I'm certain I have GHSV. Is it possible to have OHSV with no symptoms or OB along with having genital OB? Can you have OB on both oral and genital areas or does the OB only happen where it started first?
  6. Its been a year since I got GHSV. I started talking to a guy at work. We hung out, went back to his place. Had unprotected sex, he did not disclose, he had no signs of herpes. First time we had sex I contracted genital herpes. A week later I had started my menstrual, multiple sores appeared on my vaginal outer lips first. It freaked me tf out! I was in denial. I googled for days praying it was anything but.. but I had the typical signs and symptoms that kept taking back to genital herpes. I held it in all in. Waiting to see if he would tell me he had it. So I waited few weeks after having my first OB to confront him about it. I asked him when was the last time he got checked he said it had been a very long time. I just had a full std check done 6 months prior to meeting him, everything came back negative on my end. He claimed he didn't know and gave a weak apology. I told him to go get checked. He told me his doctor told him he had a spectrum of herpes, whatever tf that means right? I believe he knew, was to embarrassed to disclose and hoped his antiviral would protect me from contracting the virus but unfortunately it was transmitted to me. We dated 8 months after being exposed to the virus. I felt no one else would want me now that I have GHSV so I decided to stay with the guy who gave it to me. We are no longer together. He is now married with a baby on the way.
  7. I also want to say that was very deceitful of your partner to not disclose that to you. I feel like my ex knew and was taking antivirals and passed to me the first time we had unprotected sex. Even after confronting him he acted oblivious to it. I try not to get angry thinking about it.
  8. Can I ask a question. Did he use protection, condoms each time?
  9. Yes I have milky white discharge and wondered if it was because of GHSV as well. I dont know if it's a normal discharge or not.
  10. Well I got back with my ex in February after disclosing, feeling assured we will jump back into sex as long as we are very careful and he agrees. Now here we are in September and we still haven't had actual sex although he keeps telling me he will soon, he's not scared, etc but he's been saying this since we got back together back in February! Ugh. We bought a dildo, he doesnt finger me, we don't kiss during that time, we use condoms or dental dams during oral. I feel that this isn't satisfying or fulfilling enough for me. I don't feel connected intimately. I'm sexually frustrated and annoyed but also trying to give him time to come to grips with this new reality. I'm patiently waiting but feel it won't happen anytime soon at the rate he's moving. I hope things work out for you and him. All I can say is just be prepared for the good and the difficult times this virus brings into relationships. I'm struggling with this every day. Hopefully it starts getting better because I'm starting to loose hope.
  11. I feel like if you can give him some info on this with some stats he'd be more understanding of the situation. I feel it's all about presentation, giving both the risks and success of dealing with a H+ partner. I just got back with my ex. I caught GHSV while we was broken up. Luckily he took me back despite my situation, shows me how much he must really love me to take that risk.
  12. Lol its soo essential. That I agree with completely! I love when a guy expresses his love not just verbally (hes more verbal) but also by kissing and giving oral but I'm dealing with it the best I can because of who he is as a person. It's hard though. Very.
  13. I believe he does or at least I want to believe he does. Hes very different from other guys I've dated. Very! And honestly.. I don't know how I dealt with that type for so long. I love affection, kissing, spontaneous kind of guy and he is soo opposite from what I'm use to getting. The kissing and oral was very weird to me especially in the beginning, he said I needed to get tested first which I procrastinated a lot, went years without getting tested and felt like he should of just trusted me anyway (silly I know). So I would even joke and call him weird or question his sexuality at times but he swears he so in love with me and wants to be with me forever.. idk. We was on and off and I was the one who broke it off everytime because I needed and yearned for more than what I was getting. We got back together after I contracted H from a co worker last year. I disclosed and he said he wasn't going to let this stop us from being together forever. It made me feel like he real does love me.
  14. Has anyone who's been in monogamous relationships who are h+ who have or have not transmitted it to their h- partner while being VERY careful not to transmit. Like taking suppressives or not taking any, with or without condoms, only having sex when there were no signs of OB or during OB. Has anyone mot been successful in their relationship to not transmit? How many years did you date that person, are you still with that person? Have the h- taken the IgG blood tests specifically for HSV 1/2 and it came back negative each time? Are there any long term success stories for not transmitting the virus to a non carrier. How did you keep from transferring the virus? I'm a year and want to see the success and the unsuccessful results. Thanks.
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