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  1. Hello, so I had an outbreak like week ago it dried out and the scabs flaked off already. The skin is flat and smooth but its discolored. It looks a pinkish white and I hate how it looks. Does anyone know what I can do to make it go back to normal?
  2. Let's be positive and hope for the best. Theres no such thing as bad luck, everything happens for a reason. Got would never put you in a situation you cant handle @Dreamer07Hopefully you wont continue get these outbreaks frequently. Instead of thinking you will tell yourself you wont and for your boyfriend does he know that your dealing with this? Does he know he has it and infected you?
  3. That sucks @Dreamer07 but I believe you i had 2 doctors tell me it was just a rash meanwhile theres clearly a cluster of little blisters. I'm currently getting over my hsv1 outbreak. I'm sorry that you are in pain. I cant say I know how it feels because my outbreak is dime sized and literally just there. It wasnt accompanied by any symptoms, no itching, no pain. I decided not to get on any medication and just monitor my outbreaks. My first one was six years ago this is only my second so hopefully after this outbreak I wont get one in a couple of years as well. If things change and I start getting them more frequent then I'll consider getting on medication however I wouldn't be able to tell you about the valtrex because i've never taken it. Luckily they say breakouts with hsv1 are less frequent, milder and clear up faster than an hsv2 outbreak. Hopefully after this you wont have to deal with it for a long time.
  4. @Loyalloulou I Completely understand I was diagnosed with HSV-1 but it is down there most likely got it through oral. my break out is not painful did not itch its literally just there. My Doctor gave me a choice Of whether or not I wanted to take anti rivals but she also explained that with HS V-1 the breakouts are less frequent and that I should monitor my breakouts before I decide to get on any medication because I might not really need them. she said I can go years without having a breakout while not on medication so that's what I'm going to do.
  5. @Loyalloulou See that's what confuses me. My doctor said the blood tests only determine whether or not you have hsv2 and that unfortunately unless you have a sore for them to culture theres no way to test for hsv1. Maybe she doesnt know what she's talking about lol...
  6. @Loyalloulou Hi, doesnt it suck!!! Its like how can one be negative and the other positive. If you dont mind me asking, did you test positive for hsv1 or 2 through bloodwork?
  7. @AmandoYes I know, However there are ppl out there who have claimed to cure their hsv1 through alternative medicine and mention both how they tested positive and then negative (blood tests) after treatment. My doctor told me that the blood test only tests for hsv2 so unfortunately if you don't have an hsv1 outbreak there's no way to test and see if you have it or not. So my question is how are these ppl showing blood test results of how they no longer have hsv1 if it can't be determined through blood tests?
  8. Hi I had And outbreak last week I went to the doctors and got my results today. My blood test came back negative for hsv however the culture of my sore came back positive for hsv1. My gynecologist explained to me that the blood test only determines whether or not you have type 2 genital herpes. My question is to all the people who have tried alternative medicine, the hydrogen peroxide remedy or anything Else out there that claims to cure herpes how do you determine whether or not you still have it in your system or not if it wont come up in your blood tests?
  9. Last week 2 doctors told me it was a rash. I questioned both of their judgements and visited another doctor who told me that it WAS an outbreak but before my outbreak started the muscles in my legs were sore. Then a cold and fever and once that was gone the blisters appeared.
  10. Hi @IASIHH, I know how you feel. My situation right now is telling my boyfriend of 3 years that I'm hsv1 positive and that he may have contracted it. My first outbreak was 6 years ago. I did the food grade hydrogen peroxide ✌remedy✌ and assumed it worked and that i was cured because I never got another outbreak, until now. I'm terrified about how hes going to react. I'm afraid he wont want to be with me anymore. What are we to do?
  11. Hi, I'm new here and just wanted to share my story and ask for suggestions on my current situation. Here it goes. 6 years ago I noticed a small patch of blisters in my genital/pubic area. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with folliculitis, said it was an infection of the hair follicle that happens when you shave or wax. He gave me some cream and and so I used it. when the blisters began to turn to sores I started to get afraid went on Google and began to suspect I had herpes. I scheduled an appointment with a different doctor who gave me a blood test and determined I was hsv1 positive. She said I most likely contracted it from oral sex. I took to you tube/internet and came across the food grade hydrogen peroxide remedy. I did it, finished the 30 days and never got an outbreak again. I assumed it worked and was extremely happy. Until, just last week (six years later) I noticed an outbreak. With the first outbreak I didnt have any other symptoms but this time I had a cold, sore muscles and fever. I've been in a relationship for 3years and it's perfect, however this entire time we've been having unprotected sex and I'm afraid he may have contracted it even though I havent had a breakout the entire time we've been together. Idk what to do, I know that disclosing this information is going to completely complicate our relationship I am scared to tell him. I know telling him is the right thing to do but I must admit I sometimes think of not telling him. I feel guilty about it. I know that would be selfish of me. What should I do? Help! How can 8 break it to him?
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