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  1. Back in 2018 I was diagnosed with hsv2 through a swab test. Once i was back sexually active i got a blood test and it was still hsv2. Now i am having unprotected sex with my partner we both got tested. Mine came back hsv1 and so did his. So did i never have hsv2. My understanding was hsv1 referred to cold sores and hsv2 was genital area which is where my initial outbreak occurred. I have never had cold sores around or in my mouth or throat. I am confused! Can someone clarify?
  2. I was diagnosed with hsv2 genital herpes back in 2018. Since then I have been very cautious with new sexual partners. For the past two years i did not receive or give oral sex due to hsv. However, my new partner is someone I believe is long term. We participated in oral sex while high intoxicated but it happened a few more times even while sober. However now my partner was diagnosed with hsv1 but he has had no cold sores or irritation. Now he no longers wants to perform oral on me but he is okay with me going down on him. We have had unprotected pretty much since the beginning of our relationship. I thought he was fully accepting me but now he’s changed. How do i tell him that i desire oral agAin? He doesn’t seem to understand that having unprotected sex with me and then me going down on him and kissing him presents the same risks. I feel he won’t understand and i won’t even enjoy it if he decides to go down on me again because I’ll always know that he didn’t want to anymore. However it’s killing me because sex is how i express myself and i feel i should have that the sex i want and crave since we have already crossed that line. I have been two years with no outbreaks and still on my preventative medications. Maybe im being selfish but I think things would be fine😓
  3. Hey, thank you so much. This website as been very helpful. I feel less alone and reading comments like yours gives me hope that everything will be fine. I really appreciate you. Stay blessed!
  4. So, I am young and as embarrassing as it is I'm horny and I miss oral sex. I was wondering how women felt about dental dams. Should I give it a go or is it a waste of time? I know it won't feel the same but can you still have the same stimulation?
  5. Only way you can transfer is through actually skin to skin contact in your genital area. If you have unprotected sex or oral sex then it can be transferred. You can totally still hug and kiss your kids. If you had HSV1 (oral herpes) then you have to be cautious of kissing. I have HSV2 as well and I still get worried about kissing and touching but you're fine. If you touch your self just make sure you watch your hands good which is what I'm sure you would do anyways.
  6. Hello, I'm doing my best to take care of myself. I've been trying to lose weight. I take echinacea as a daily supplement now. I'm doing my best to remain stress free physically and most of all mentally.... Thank you for responding.
  7. Hey, yeah I told him to ask specifically for the herpes test... I'm on my second prescription now but this one still makes me feel sick. Also, I haven't told anyone.. Only people who know are my parents and the bastard who did this to me. I'm actually in college now so I'm trying to lay low and stay away from men for now. I have cut off all contact with the guy and I am trying to move forward with my life. I appreciate your kind words and wisdom.
  8. Yea. Thanks I'm trying to be more positive. Yes, I told him.. He "claims" he's never had an OB or had any symptoms around his mouth or genital area.. He also "said" he got tested but his test for herpes was negative. Someone how he tested positive for chlamydia but I don't have that. He said he got a prescription for the chlamydia and after a month or so he was clear from it. So, basically he lied is trying to say he didn't give me anything but he's the only person I've ever had sex with or done anything with. I am on Valtrex now to help stop OBs but I can't take it everyday. The medicine makes me extremely nauseous and I feel so sick when I take it.
  9. My name is Lo. I was diagnosed with HSV2 (Genital Herpes) a couple of month ago. I lost my virginity to a boy from school.. a boy I barely knew. We had sex three times. Everything was fine until the week after the last time. I got my period but something else was going on. I began to have inflammation and bumps appearing around my private area. I couldn't urinate without being in excruciating pain. My body was weak and I was in so much discomfort. I tried to hid it from my parents and let is pass but I couldn't take the pain anymore. I finally asked my mother to take me to a hospital. I had already researched my symptoms and everything I read indicated I had herpes.. However, I was in denial and had to hear from the doctor myself. Unfortunately, my worst nightmare came to life. As soon as the doctor looked at my bottom area she told me I was experiencing an OB. They gave me a booklet, prescription, and basically told me good luck and left the room. I remember laying on the table feeling my world crashing down on. I was about to graduate from high school in a few days. I'm only 18. What seemed to be a new and exciting beginning turned into a depressing and bitter end. I still don't know how to cope with this. Some days I just burst into tears and live in fear of having another OB. I constantly feel disgusted with myself. I feel like no one will want me with my condition. I know I will find someone one day but right now I feel so alone.
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