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  1. Ive read some scare stories online and I've frightened myself silly!! Need some help desperately! -do lots of people just forget about this diagnosis and get on with a normal life? -can ladies with hsv genitally (age got hsv1) still give birth one day? Ive come across some horror stories online and It's made me really anxious and worried. Would you reccomend keeping off the internet? Do you find you look online and on the forums less over time? -myself and my partner plan to be intimate for the first time soon. He's been very accepting but I'm very nervous and want to protect hin as best as possible. We plan to use protection and I'm on anti virals but he doesnt want to use a dental dam. Is this safe? I know there is some risk. I feel worried about hurting him and causing him and suffering. Thanks in hope for any helpful responses
  2. Wow thanks foryour help its so frightening we are just never 100% safe to be around are we
  3. Is it true that swabs can sometimes be inaccurate if taken after first 48 hrs of sores developing? Is it worth me getting a blood test to be certain? Is it true that hsv1 is only minimally contagious outside of a visible outbreak? With protection and anti virals what are the stats lowered to? Also..what's the situation with oral sex and touch (intimate) etc between a ghsv1 female and possibly neg male? Can that still be done? What precautions need to be taken? Any help appreciated!
  4. Hi all Hope you're okay. I was diagnosed back in July after being pushed/taken advantage of after telling someone I'd been dating for a month that I wasn't ready to have sex. I got symptoms down below within a week. We argued so barely spoke after my diagnosis (as I'd been angry at him after the night we spent together and hoped never to see or think of him again) I want to know: -whether there is any chance that my genital hsv1 may not be from this encounter. I'm finding the depression and stigma surrounding the virus impossible enough to deal with, without feeling that it was from someone who argued with me and forced himself on me. I have a history of yeast infections and once was in inexplicable discomfort believing I had recurrent yeast infections and piles. Does any of this sound plausible? Is it ever possible to have mild initial symptoms and a more severe outbreak down the line? Or..is it possible for a severe outbreak to come out the blue? It feels like im constantly reminded of how trusting and naive I was to date again and let a man in my life. It feels like a trauma. Also.. How long did it take you to heal mentally from this? I was better at the beginning but I've got worse. I think about it everyday and read about it every night. I think its safe to say I'm suffering incredible depression (never have before despite my MS) and seriously need help, support and guidance. I'm increasingly feeling like this is too much of a burden to cope with. Any help you can offer me at this dark time would be truly helpful and appreciated.
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