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  1. I wonder why! Cant see any way to change it! I'll keep trying..in the meantime its nice to hear that I'm not alone in how I've been feeling. Let's hope time heals xx
  2. Yes I cant see how to do it at all! No 3 lines coming up! Will check my settings!! Not having much luck at the moment!!
  3. Thank you. I would like that but I dont know how to message. Could you let me know how to do it?
  4. Hey Just wondered if anyone else has struggled with looking back at the past, over analysing, doing lots of self reflection since their diagnosis? I was diagnosed 2 years ago but still struggle with this. I've never had casual sex, but I've definitely fallen for people quickly and let them in, believing they wanted something serious or more, only to realise they weren't in it for the long haul. I've spent a lot of time alone, a lot of plans haven't worked out and I realise now that I definitely sought comfort and companionship in a relationship. I never looked back and analys
  5. So glad to know I'm not the only one!! And great to hear that you seem to be doing better now. Did you use any cream to improve things or did it happen naturally? I haven't seen my partner in a while now so havent been able to test it but will keep you posted. Fingers crossed
  6. I'm the same I take surpressive when I see my partner for caution. I think the skin is just a bit more delicate than it was. I think its easy for us to put it down to an outbreak but there may be other things going on as a result of previous outbreaks maybe. One doctor I saw said treat it like any other skin and nourish it and moisturise it. No worries I've had hard time with it and its taken me long time to get somewhere so wanted to help out!! Definitsly give the magic cream a go. I've seen lots of people say its great for thin skin and some people seem to use it as lube too?
  7. Another thing that helps me is putting coconut oil on down there before and after intimacy. When I've done this religiously I've been better. When I've forgotten to use as much..I've torn. Its something else that's natural but could be worth a go!
  8. No problem. Its something I've posted about a few times. Seems like something a few of us struggle with. Its interesting because I always worried it was an outbreak, the last tear I had took a really long time to heal (2 months!) but every doctor has said it's not and it's a tear in a common place to get them. The first doctor I saw gave me steroid cream which did clear the tear, but when it happened again and worse and I had to go back, the doctor gave me diprobase (the emmolient) as she said that steroid creams thin the skin so that was counter productive. Something else she mentioned w
  9. This happens to me too. It's very upsetting. I've had lots of tears at the opening of my vagina (the posterior fourchette?) I've been to the doctors 3 times about them and have always been told they are not outbreaks (which was my main concern) but tears. Did you have the tear swabbed? I'd make 100% sure it is an outbreak before you panic too much. I've been given some emollient to use to strengthen the skin down there. I haven't seen my partner since I've been using it so I'm not sure if it works but I'm nervous. I feel like as soon as I get to see him it gets ruined. I never ever used to te
  10. Medicine mamas v magic! What is an SSRI?
  11. Thanks for replying. Is painful when it happens. Never ever happened prior to diagnosis. Am glad to hear its hopefully not to do with the h. Doctors have given me emollients so am hoping liberal use of this builds the skin up and strengthens it up. Maybe it's just because I'm not as much at ease being intimate nown than I used to be? We are using lots of lube etc. Any other tips would be useful!
  12. Has anyone else experienced this after being intimate following an h diagnosis? I have ghsv1 and struggle with this. Just wondered if anyone else has this. Any idea if the tears are outbreaks? Docs dont seem to think so. Is this a known side effect of h? How did you manage it?
  13. Hey @Jasmine10just to let you know I got some of the cream. Not sure how it's working at the moment. Cut has healed after weeks and am just hoping the skin is strengthening so that when I see my partner this doesmt happen again. Could I ask how regularly you use the cream? And do you get tears at the vaginal entrance anymore? I'm still confused about whether it's a symptom of h or not. I definitely never had it happen before. I dont know if the hsv1 has changed the skin or I'm just more nervous and on edge when I am intimate now! Any help appreciated.
  14. Hello so the clinic said it didnt look like h. They swabbed me and everything came back negative. She said I needed to get a moisturiser. I later went to the doctors and was given some cream for eczema. Things improved quickly. She thinks the skin is dry and tender from using a range of creams to try and improve things. I still have a little cut left..its taken a long time to heal but it is doing so. I would suggest going to the doctors when you can. It was reassuring to hear 2 doctors say it didnt seem like h and makes me feel better knowing that if and when it happens again I wont feel like
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