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  1. A year and a half after my shock diagnosis following an assault.. I'm still struggling. For the most part, my life is the same. I also have a wonderful partner now who completely accepts me and helps me..he doesnt care an inch.. doesn't mind if he gets it..doesn't see it as a big deal. He is perfect. But we are long distance and I get so nervous when I see him that I often have what I think is an outbreak (1 small tear triggered by sex) when I finally do get to see him. Then I'm never really sure how to proceed the rest of the time we spend together.. .whether to stop sexual contact altogether
  2. Hello thanks so much for replying. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling the fulll force of this too. You know what...i got myself so low this weekend that I scared myself. I kept shaking and honestly thought I couldn't carry on. I think it might have taken that to really shake me up. I've vowed to sort my head out. My best friend has just had a baby..the man of my dreams is taking me away in April, regardless of H. Ive realised that I am more than this diagnosis...just like Ive been more than my Ms. Im still clumsy and still can't sing. Still love my dog to pieces etc. The herpes succ
  3. So I got diagnosed in summer. I was going away shortly after...so as shocking and painful as everything was, I just had to get on with it. I had minor blips, but generally my mind was elsewhere. I started researching a lot when I came home and got so stressed I brought a 2nd OB on. Luckily, I had plans to go away over xmas.. so again my mind was elsewhere. Since coming back I have been reading this forum every waking hour. It helps.. but then also you see a lot of stories from people like me who are afraid and can't get over it...and then that sets me back again. I think I'm just becomin
  4. 6 days but I had mild but similar symptoms a few years ago (what I believed to be thrush and hermerroids all at once...but no cream or medication resolved anything for ages) so i could have got it a long time ago. Is it possible to have mild initial symptoms and a more severe outbreak later on? Im not sure so would really appreciate finding out
  5. I have MS (had it since I was 17) and got this in July. It's listed as a common side effect of my medication as it works by further surpressing the immune system. My first OB was severe. I kept a pack of tablets on hand just in case, but didnt have a further OB until Christmas (i was really stressed at work). This was minor in comparison. I now take supression just so that I can stop worrying about the possibility of an OB.. as I found the fear of it worse than the reality. My nurses said that supression tends to used a lot more in immunocompromised patients as were more vul
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