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  1. I have experienced the exact same outcome as you both describe. I contracted HSV in highschool and am now 48. I've had probably two or three outbreaks each year since i was diagnosed until last fall when I began taking adderall for what appears to be life long undiagnosed A.D.D. The stimulant helps tremendously in my ability to focus and get work done but I am now almost continuously broken out with HSV and no matter how much medication I take for it, the outbreaks continue. It's gotten to the point that my wife is like, the hell with it, I'll just get it from you, we can't go on like this never having sex. I won't agree to that and I'm proud to say that I've never passed on this horrible virus that someone gave to me without my knowledge. That said, surely there's a solution out there for folks with HSV who take stimulants. Please share if you know of this!
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