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  1. My outbreaks are always in different locations. I never have fever or any other symptoms, just the pain and the blisters. They have not become any milder in the 35 years that I've had them. In fact, the last two outbreaks were very different from any I've had before. 2 months ago, I had 3 sores, one right after the other, where the first didn't fully heal before the second one erupted. This month, I have 4 sores all at the same time! What the hell is going on???
  2. Hi, I have had genital herpes for 35 years. They say the outbreaks become less severe over the years, but that has not been the case with me. Two months ago, for the first time, I had three sores, one right after the other. The first had not fully healed before the second one came, and same with the third. My gynecologist found nothing abnormal. This week, I had three herpes sores at the same time, and today a fourth is appearing. I can think of no reason for this. I have not been under stress, in fact I've been happy. I have a healthy diet, my sleep is normal. I've been sitting
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