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  1. Hi to all, I’ve had HSV2 since Feb 2020. I’m a single 44 yr old mom. Although I felt crushed when I initially found out I had contacted this virus, I have been pretty optimistic that things will turn out for me. I was rejected by one guy in the summer, even though he knew my status. He would’ve been ok with oral herpes but not genital herpes. Ouch. But I refused to let this get to me. So a few weeks ago I finally found someone who I thought had real long-term potential. Disclosed to him on our second date as things were getting a little more intimate. He reacted really positively, said he appreciated my honesty and didn’t view this as a dealbreaker. On our third date a couple of weeks after, we were having such a good time that we ended up sleeping together (with a condom and I’m also taking daily antivirals). Then, he told me that it hit him, during sex, that he could catch it and he didn’t know if he was comfortable with this (he doesn’t think he has herpes but was planning on getting tested). In the following days, I noticed a slight distance and change in his text messages. Five days ago, he wrote me a ‘normal’ message about his day, I replied and since then, nothing. He ghosted me. It’s hard to take because he said he valued honesty and that he had a lot of respect for me, especially because I disclosed to him my status. I’m sure he needed time to process this, but he could’ve said so instead of ghosting me. That’s the most hurtful part. Does this happen a lot?? I’m curious to hear other people’s stories...
  2. I have a question re shedding... my outbreaks (HSV-2) have been near the opening (outside) of the vagina. So viral shedding...does it mean the virus sheds in that area only? Or can the virus shed elsewhere? My doctor has told me that I’ll only have OB in the same spot, but I’m not clear about shedding. I’ve contacted the virus at the end of February, so I’m still in that first year. I’m trying to figure out what I can possibly do during sex (without infecting my partner). Thanks!
  3. Hi, I’m in the same boat. Was diagnosed with HSV 2 at the end of February. First outbreak was painful, but I now have one blister that’s been there for over three weeks. I’m taking daily suppressive meds, but it’s not going away. But it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not itchy or bothering me in any way, but I’m pretty sure it’s an outbreak. The only reason I noticed it is, for some unknown reason, i decided to take a mirror and look down there to see if I had anything. So who knows, I possibly had other outbreaks before without knowing it.
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