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  1. I have an auto-immune disease myself and now.. GHSV1. I have been battling for months and finally got the diagnosis. I am hopeful the antiviral will help, and am including vitamins and an anti anxiety in the mean time. Though I don’t have advice towards protecting your partner; I can say I think it’s wonderful you two are communicating about it. Immunosuppressives make you far more open to viruses, (hence my own story of possibly acquiring it - only my previous partner assured me he got tested for everything when he had not in fact anytime recently - and we even had the safe sex talk prior) it is a tricky situation; but the great thing is you two have open communication going into this. I hope someone with more experience can assist in answering this. Have you considered talking to their specialist? Perhaps they could shed some light.
  2. Recently diagnosed and having a hard time after an emotional 4 months of being misdiagnosed. I would love to have someone to talk to about this as it’s been a daily struggle pain wise/emotionally. GHSV1. I’m 28 female in WA state area. Male or Female - no preference. Looking for guidance, some reassurance, and some tips and inspiration to get through this.
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