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  1. Rewind to last year, met a girl. Hit it off, started dating, had sex a couple weeks after we met. A week later she doesn't want to see me because of "a problem on her face." I said no problem, let's see. Well it was herpes, didn't know what kind at the time. She tells me that it was a partner from the week that we met. We both get tested it didn't show up. Eventually we get serious. After a few months we move across country and on the road is when I had my first outbreak. We stayed together for a while until she was unfaithful and we decided its best to end it. Neither of us was h
  2. Just diagnosed hsv2 antibody blood test yesterday but I have a feeling its been around for a while. Feeling pretty messed up about the whole thing. I know who I got it from, how they got it. It was a suspicion but now its a fact. Im very angry and hurt, feeling very hoodwinked but ultimately I made my bed and ill lie in it. Sorry about the rant. Well, im just looking for some guy friends around the Phoenix area, I want to know peoples stories and be able to relate to someone else again. Thank you!
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