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  1. @Flowerteacher55 @Hopefulforhelp little update i got my blood tests done everything is normal, still getting random almost month out breaks on my hand. Just couple weeks ago it appeared on my elbow. My doctor said she believes i have shingles and it may have been activated by genital herpes so she thinks i have both, i have not experienced a outbreak in my genitals just on my hands usually. So she has given me different dosage and ive been eating pretty clean. I find that any time im not drinking enough water in the day i start to notice more symposium so keep drinking lots of water every day! Im also getting my allergy panel done so see if there inflammation going on anywhere else and prevent this virus from making my life hell lol. I play volleyball competitively too so i always wrap my hand, its hard when you feel like you have to hide whats going on with you because you fear of people will being afraid of you.
  2. Thank you for sharing your story, i feel less alone it means a lot to me. How long have you had it? How old are you? I wish you a healthy and happy journey ahead and your strength is admired. Keep me posted if you find out whats going on! Im going to get my allergy test done soon and will see what is triggering my immune response. I can only hope some people can give us good feed back as well, our situation is super rare. Im doing my best to stay upbeat and positive.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, i got my blood work done today so ill be seeing whats going on with my body if that is the issue. I talked to my doctor and she said all herpes is treated the same way so as far as my case it’s unfortunate that not many people have had the same experience as me. i talked to my doctor about suppressive therapy so i will be doing that to see if my symptoms improve. I think my next step is to get a allergy panel because i just feel like theres alot of inflammation going on in my body and switch to a mostly plant based diet to help get my body the nutrients it needs to fight it. my doctor confirmed today the outbreak on my elbow is herpes, and as far as my hand I’m sure it is because when i take the medicine the symptoms subside and heal the blisters. The one on my elbow is painful and itchy so it is herpes unfortunately. the symptoms i feel before sores start to show as red dots or raised red dots get itchy and sometimes i feel arthritis like symptoms in my hand and arm, i don’t feel tingles as much as i used to. And as far as genital outbreaks i dont get them unless if they are inside i wouldn’t be sure to know if i am or not since i dont see symptoms outside my vagina. I do feel muscle pains in my groin area and tingly occasionally but its more nerve like pain but no symptoms, it usually just shows up on my hand. Since the the skin on my hand is thicker than the rest of my body its more painful and stays longer because it gets kinda stuck under my skin and then eventually drys out and flakes off.
  4. Has anyone experienced having outbreaks in locations other than where are you first had yours? My first initial outbreak was in and on my genitals. I have experienced it in small area my hand and now I have a small outbreak on my elbow. (Same arm) It’s been really hard and confusing why I have more symptoms than the average person with herpes, I do have frequent outbreaks and take medication, I am a female and definitely notice more severe symptoms than my partner. Any advice or comfort would be great thank you. Im getting the feeling something deeper is going on with my body and how it is reacting to the virus, im only 23 and have had it since November. I try to cope and live life as normally as possible, i go to counseling and am a full time student. I try not to let stress get to me it might be the culprit or even maybe diet, any tips?
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