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  1. Has anyone experienced rude customer service from pharmacy staff when going to pick up their meds? Recently, I did experience this and am a bit bummed. I called the manager and partially explained my situation and that I shouldn’t be judged for something that I have to take. She agreed and said she would speak to the woman but now I’m wondering, is this something I’m going to just have to used to when I go to pick up my meds? Please, tell me it’s not going to be every time!
  2. I was diagnosed worth hsv type 1 about 4 years ago and still am lost on some matters, I could use a person who also has it and can relate to things that I am feeling with it. 26 yo female in Wisconsin, I'm good with talking and listening to anyone!
  3. Thank you all for the responses :) I have a tendency to read to much into things sometimes so I just wanted to see others opinions about it. I really appreciate the feedback about the article as well as disclosing. I'm so glad that we have a place like this so we can talk openly about our hlife :)
  4. Finally found it! http://www.cosmopolitan.com/health-fitness/a63077/living-on-welfare-herpes/
  5. That is very true optimist. Thank you for that :) it is true that there is that stigma but keeping that in mind will definitely help me in the future.
  6. I have disclosed before and don't make it a big deal but the last time I disclosed, it didn't go well. I was very factual about it and answered questions that he had but in the end, he couldn't accept it. I guess I just don't want a bunch of people to know about my situation unless I think they are worth it.
  7. I don't know if anyone has seen the recent Cosmo article about a young woman whose life got rocked after her ex transmitted herpes to her, but it is a fairly interesting read. The woman did not know what was wrong with her and after not treating it for a long time, she ended up getting very sick and her partner would not admit to her that he did have herpes. Once he did, there were able to treat the woman. As I read the article, I felt bad for the woman and proud that she is putting herself out there in order for more people to become aware of what herpes is but at the same time, the article made me feel not so great about myself. I felt as if her attitude about people with herpes is negative and all people who have it, are liars and won't tell you the truth. Then again, I may be reading too much into it. I guess I am just worried that a lot of uniformed people will read this article and have some new fear about herpes. I myself still am uncomfortable with the topic (even though I am closing in on year 3). I have found comfort in talking to close friends but they don't totally understand it because, well, they haven't lived through it. I find it hard to even try dating because, what if we have to get to that awkward conversation? Will that person even stick around? And with so much pressure to get physical fast, how can someone gain enough trust to even work up the nerve to have the conversation? And once you do, will they think back to this article and have an even worse idea of what could happen? Granted though, the man in the article should have been up front with her in the first place and told the truth after the fact, but her experience is probably on the extreme negative side of bad when it comes to what could happen to a person. I guess I have two questions in one, will it ever get any easier and if any of you have read, or will read the article, please, share your thoughts! I'd love to hear different perspectives from you and maybe it will shed some light as to how I can cope with mainstream media and this lovely life of H.
  8. Thanks for all of your advice and links to handouts! And it's nice to hear from other people who have the same thing I have. It seems that this is the "fun" one but if I talk to him again at least now I have some back up :)
  9. I found out that it was from my ex that I got my herpes. He didn't know that cold sores are a form of herpes. He won't believe me and he won't go and get tested. I just want him to be safe with other people, what can I do to help him change his mind?
  10. I found out that I have herpes back in October and it took me so long to really accept what was happening to me. But now that I have and have talked it out with a close friend, I have become a little more comfortable. But my friends keep telling me it's not a big deal and people will accept it. But I'm afraid that they won't, and I still feel like it is a big deal. And now I have met someone and would really consider dating, but as soon as I think too much about it, I suddenly don't even want to try because I'm scared they will freak out and not want to have to deal with it. I try to keep reminding myself that they will like me for me, but I can't help but have this little bug in the back of my head telling me it won't work. I don't know anyone personally who has herpes so it's really hard to have these kinds of conversations, and it would be nice to hear how people have told new partners about their herpes and I guess what can be expected from it. I came here because I know you all can help me to be a more confident me and help me through all of this. Thanks all :)
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